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How to: Make it as a Fashion Blogger

Sunday, 20 January 2013

As I'm a new fashion blogger, dipping my toes into the big blogger pond, I thought I'd start a feature on How To: Make it as a Fashion Blogger. i.e. the hints and tips I'm picking up from people along the way and share the magic with you guys!

I'd just like to make clear now, that this blog's intention is not to make money or gain publicity, but simply to showcase my style, have fun with it and share it with my friends and followers! If you enjoy my blog, follow me on twitter, google+ me or favourite this page- I'd love to know what you guys think :)

Anyway, this video is the ULTIMATE in fashion blog tips. It's long but totally worth a watch/listen (I was listening to this whilst blogging- guilty!)

If you want to hints and tips on blogging, tweet me or get in touch on the contact page ^^!
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