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How to: Take a 'Fashionable' Photo

Monday, 21 January 2013

After a little brainstorm for some upcoming fashion shoots to enhance my portfolio, I thought I'd share with you some of my own tips on how to take a 'fashionable' photo. All images featured in this post are my own and from my A-Level photography (which I miss like a drug!).

 1. Lighting
I cannot stress this enough! When in the studio, you HAVE to get your lighting set up correctly. Without sounding like a condescending tw*t, it's a basic principle of photography (unless your going for some one-side-lit sort of thing...good luck!). The best way to do this is angle lighting from both sides, above and below. Don't position your model too close to the background or else you'll get some horrid shadow, and make sure nothings pointing straight in your models eyes- its not nice for them, or for you when you get to editing pictures!

2. Colours
By all means, play around with them, have fun, but sometimes the most striking thing to do is take a step back and make a statement with the minimal. Here, I used the crossing sign to match my models clothing- makes a statement and ties your background into the main body of your picture. Too much going on = lack of statement and WOW! factor.

3.Strike a Pose
My friends were FAB when it came to modelling for me- everyone was up for doing something. But sometimes, it's a little difficult to let go of your inhibitions, especially in front of friends with an SLR in their hands! A trick to get a fab move out of a model is literally to shout 'STRIKE A POSE!' at them and see how it turns out. Even if they're just mucking around, it really shows the personality of your subject and adds a little 'je ne sais quoi' to the photo.

4. Setting
I was blessed with this shoot, as the theme was leg wear and I chose a British theme (being a MASSIVE patriot myself) with models in red, white and blue tights. The settings I used for this were landmarks all over London and this just proves my point- whilst you can have a great model, a designer outfit, the best lens money can buy, if you stick her in a field in the middle of nowhere, she's not going to make an impact. Try interacting with your surroundings, getting down low to get your model and a high point in the shot, or turning it all on its head and putting her in a grotty run down factory- you can make it work with a great setting!

Hope these tips have given you all something to consider when snapping away!
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