Molly Rouge

Saturday, 19 January 2013

I recently met Molly Rouge (aka Jade Williamson) who works at A New Shop in Sheffield and designs her own range of clothing. I'd been following Molly Rouge for aaages and couldn't believe it when I met her! Small world indeed.

She also runs a Sheffield street style page and twitter which I will avidly be trying to get on! She gave me some great tips on street style and was right to point out that A New Shop is in a great place to style spot- check it out on Division Street if you're in Sheffield!

The following pics are from Molly Rouge's site:

Some bits of street styling...

If you want to meet Molly Rouge herself amongst others, be sure to check this out!

She also got some snaps of me out shopping! Have a look on her twitter:

In Molly Rouge's own words: the world would be a better place if everyone just wore a little crazier stuff! And she's right- deffs get's my vote! Be sure to check her out x

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