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Retail Ragdoll

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Today, I did a bad thing....

So I did a bit of retail therapy to relieve myself of stress, reward myself for (hopefully) bossing my last exam and to kick the metaphorical sh*t out of my student loan.
But I have to say, I am proud of myself. Setting myself a maximum spend of £100- i spent just that, and got:
a fur coat
3 shirts
a cape
2 pairs of ankle boots
a dress
leather kid gloves
black bobble hat
long gold necklace
tartan scarf

 Pretty impressive??

For this formidable task I have to thank, COW, A NEW SHOP, TOPSHOP, RIVER ISLAND and my mum and dad for a selection of gift vouchers for christmas! x

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  1. Well all of this wonderful stuff for that amount seems like a very sweet bargain! It's always great to reward yourself, very motivational especially if you are trying to complete a project or a writing assignment! If the rewarding system fails to motivate, services like writers per hour do the job. No rewarding is necessary. Topshop rules by the way!