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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Welcome to The Lair- the workshop behind the madness!


Some top tips on saving space and (most importantly) clothes storage:

-double, triple, QUADRUPLE hang EVERYTHING in your wardrobe
- hide clothes underneath tables/ in any spare drawers you have (my extra wardrobe is hidden under my accessories table)
-cover tables/ chairs etc with large over sized vintage scarfs for a cute look
- stuff things down the sides of desks and tables
get yourself some stackable boxes (as much as I hate them at home, they do help with lack of space)
-put moisturisers/ hair products/ books etc on windowsills if they'll sit there
- stick notes/ extra paperwork/ nice pretty things on your walls. I hate my degree, but I'd have definitely failed without my notes on the walls (balanced out with some pretty pictures of course)
- Fill unused suitcases etc with stuff you don't use that often
- If all fails, shove it all in a cupboard and hope for the best!
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