Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Enough of this uncalled for post-exams sadness! Here's some things I really like/ want in my life right now.
Fuji Film Instax- I'm a huge fan girl, but I've always wanted a camera that prints instantly and I sickeningly love Polaroids (I'm a cliche, I know.)

This outfit. Mainly for the feathery jacket. (Damn you Topshop.)
A bebe pug like thiiiiis one!
Ohmygodshoes that look like a mash up between Roy Litchenstein and Lady Gaga's stylist.

via. tumblr
Underwear like this. It looks painful... but I still want it.
And last... and most weirdly... a bumbag. Because I'm fundamentally lazy and want something to carry my stuff for me (might as well make use of my child-bearing hips to hold something anyway).

And now some things I'm very happy that I have (WARNING: SEVERE CHEESE):
- Great supportive, loving mates and family who love me despite my affinity with crazy outfits
- A pre-booked year abroad to St. Petersburg, Buenos Aires and Medellin
-A great job with great people that I love!
-Exciting opportunities for the future and the BIG LIFE PLAN.
- A pension fund (yeah, I'm organised.)
- An xbox.... and Skyrim to see me through the lonely nights

If there's anything I've learnt, you can always want more, but never forget what you already have.
Stay true, readers!

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