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Weekly Wishlist

Friday, 18 January 2013

Weekly Wishlist 2


This week I'm feeling colourful!

Having gone through my wardrobe and styled some outfits for upcoming shoots (keep your eyes peeled!), I have realized just how much BLACK clothing I own. It really is worrying... and absolutely impossible to find anything in my wardrobe as it all just blends together. So this week, I've compiled a list of some things to brighten myself up a bit!

As we all know, big prints are slowly making a come back and they're everywhere, over everything. Today I saw some Topshop socks with a photograph of a wolf on them... as you do. But this t-shirt caught my eye with the explosion (literally) of colour. The skirt featuring jaws is unlike anything I've seen before, so I just had to include it.

I loved these cute ankle boot hunters. Made from exactly the same stuff as a full length boot, they have an added heel and were uber comfy... I tried some on in Office and I honestly didn't want to put them back but alas, I had reached my budget for the month. Maybe next time, booties.

The maroon sleeveless shirt from Topshop is just gorgeous. I love a good bit of beading and ornate patterning on clothes and this is just so cute. But for a good £40, I think I'll save her til the mid-spring sales! Finally, I adore anything quilted and these shorts are lovely. Chanelling my inner goth and black-obsession (I really can't get away from it, I'm sorry) I had to put them know, just to balance the colours out....

Have a great weekend! x

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