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My Week in Pictures

Sunday, 10 February 2013

This week I have done the following (prepare yourselves!!):
-Finally watched Les Miserables
- Got a first in Portuguese Language
- Received Campus Tour training- am now an official Sheffield Uni tour guide!
- Attended and took street style pics for Liberty Belle Magazine at the Ultimate Fair in Sheffield Uni's SU
- Also attended the Ultimate Fair on behalf of Lemon Fresh
- Attended the COW student lock in and received my first gifted items for the blog!
- Caught up with some old timers from work :)
- Got promoted to Deputy Editor of Liberty Belle Magazine!
- Had cake and borrowed clothes off my girl Phillie ;)
- Went out for dinner with the girls after battling through Sheffield city center on a Saturday night (UGH)
- Balled my eyes out (shamelessly) to Call the Midwife- real emotionally purging week!

Also, I received a rather exciting package this week... 
The mysterious Ed, from My Housemate's Diary, gifted me these badges to share with you on the blog. If you haven't heard of MHD- go and read it NOW! In very simple terms, My Housemate's diary boasts 'the most privacy invading website on the internet.' Our friend Ed here, steals his housemate's diary and posts updates of it every Friday (except when he doesn't) on the site for all to see. And the catch is- this isn't your ordinary diary; Gareth (the poor sod whose dreams, thoughts and daily musings are now public entertainment) is INCREDIBLY funny! I've spent many an evening winding down with a glass of wine over his life (sorry Gareth), including attempts to ruin the bitch on Ebay who sold him faulty products (I feel you man!) and (something we can all relate to) his forever waning sex life. I seriously recommend it!

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