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New Hair and Inspo

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Today I got my hair done at my FAVOURITE salon in Sheffield- Hair by Christmas in Broomhill. They'll do pretty much anything to your hair that you like (as long as you haven't just broken up with your boyfriend and want to shave it all off! Thanks again to Nicky for that tip!). Today I got my roots re-done purple and a fiery orange type dip dye on the ends, courtesy of Andrew. I think he's done a fab job!

Below are some of my go-to people for hair inspo. I get itchy feet after too long on the same hair style/ colour these days and so I need some hair spirit guides to point me in the right direction....

My girlll Paloma definitely gets a shout out! Gorgeous colour, a little blonde streak a la Rouge in X-men and lashings of vintage godliness. She's a saint.

She's one crazy mother, but Lady Gaga has and always will be on a different level for me- she's crazy and will try anything fashion wise: don't we all know it! Neon is a little too much for me though and I swear she's abused her hair so much that she can only wear wigs.... but she's cool in my eyes all the same.

(All pictures via respective artists' instagrams)

And finally, Azealia Banks is just on another plane. Although she tends to use a weave, her hair looks flawless and super super long. If you want to make a statement, it's either by cutting it all off, growing it to extreme lengths or colouring it to within an inch of it's life. And she somehow has managed to do all three. Gold star for effort babe!

What do you guys do for hair inspo? Let me know on facebook, twitter or in the comments below....

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