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Rebel Bingo Calls...

Saturday, 2 February 2013

I have to say, if there was anyone whose style I could steal for a day, it would be these two- FemmeFarale, also known as Luki Luk and Ana 'Win' Bravin, are the Burlesque-inspired gods behind Rebel Bingo madness. If you haven't attended at Rebel Bingo night before, I seriously recommend you do. These guys put the 'art' in 'party'. 

You can't get crazier girls with such fun style, who are as comfortable in their own skin as these two (and with good reason- I mean... look at them!). Give me their wardrobe. Now. And a hint of that confidence too please!
(All pictures are sourced from and their facebook page.)

'If you want to be part of something you believe in, come play with us.'

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