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Syd and Mallory

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Along my travels, I wondered into Syd and Mallory and wanted to share with you in their handmade awesomeness...

An independent handmade fashion boutique, Sheffield based Syd and Mallory launched in 2006 and now have their own site and ASOS Boutique online. I popped in to the Forum to see what they were all about and I was suitably impressed!! Will definitely be popping back in at some point to make a purchase (once my damn cheques go through...). Here are some of my favourite pieces from their boutique:

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  1. LOVE finding little places like this! The postcard purse/clutch is so cute :) Bought my friend a make-up bag that looked like a brown paper parcel tied up with string once and really just wanted to keep it for myself! Thanks for visiting my blog :)