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The Bedroom Diaires

Saturday, 9 February 2013

This week on The Bedroom Diaries, I wanted to share a secret with you (that will no longer be a secret I guess...)... I'm a massive geek! Although I profess to hating my degree, constantly threaten to leave and do Photography like I wanted to all along, a part of me doesn't want to abandon the banner of being 'knowledgeable' that being a student seems to impart (well, to some people anyway). Also my affliction with the much coveted Skyrim, doesn't help my cause (N.B. DO NOT START THIS GAME IF YOU WANT TO GET A 2:1 OR ABOVE). Soon to start on the Assassins Creed five part series, I am sure to fall below a 2:1, but it's worth it, no? Anyway, here is my geek chic look- complete with the glasses that I should technically be wearing all the time but avoid for vanity reasons! Enjoy!

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