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Weekly Wishlist

Friday, 15 February 2013

Weekly WishlistThis week I've been getting back to my grunge roots. I've plunged back into dip dyeing again, taken to wearing abused denim and over sized jumpers...all I need is a hipster tattoo and I'm there. But in all seriousness, I do appreciate and admire the look in its inverted complexity, so here are some items which I think would add to my efforts quite well.

I'm obsessed with my Zorro hat and would wear it a lot more if it weren't for this blasted northerly wind that likes hurting my feelings so. I've paired it with the outfit here to make it not overly grungy  This bright midi yellow skater skirt from Asos helps a lot too!
But this is a grunge inspired outfit, and no mosh-pitting, cheapest-beer-served-at-the-bar-drinking grunger would be complete without a suitably trashy T shirt or crew neck sweater. These are both from collections I've recently fallen in love with- the sweater is from KillStarClothing, a sick line that boasts 'total trash haute couture'. Awesome stuff for reasonable prices too. The tee is from Ivory Jar, another trashy line whose models sport stick on eyebrows that I'm desperate to get my hands on... totally crazy!

With the start of Fashion Weeks globally, I found these gorgeous camera straps by Bryan Boy for Adrienne Landau- just perfection and so handy. No one wants to sport a Nikon without a multi-coloured faux fur strap, darling. And a grunger would definitely fall for a fluffy accessory- it challenges the very concept of cool, man.

Asos are totally killing it with their creepers at the minute. My friend Phillie recently got a pair via Asos by Underground and I am SO jealous! I shall endeavor to get some real ones. But in the mean time, these flatforms will do- I especially love the metallic blue PVC ones (#totalhipster).
Accessory wise, this necklace, again from Ivory Jar, finishes the look off perfectly. If you're not a fan of monkey skulls hanging round your neck (I wouldn't blame you), then a studded leather bumbag would also fit the bill. I love these ones from eBay  I'm also incredibly happy that I can now wear false nails and these babies from Etsy are just stunning. Come to mumma, pretty things!

That's it for now, but stay tuned for some yummy outfit shoots this weekend- my sister is back and armed with her SLR wooo!

Stay cool grungers. Peace.

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