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Weekly Wishlist

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Weekly Wishlist

This week I'm hoping that by increasing the amount of pretty colourful things in my wardrobe, that the weather will reciprocate and not give us -11 degrees as has been promised. Come on, Sheffield, give it up. Pack it in. Its February! We're due a tropical wave any day now, surely??

So here is my list of goodies this week! Firstly, this cute little peplum from River Island defines their SS13 collection- pretty block prints and frilly edges (very RI!) but on the plus side, I like what peplums do to my tray-bake sized hips, so this is going on the wishlist. Topshop have also lured me in (again) and so this chunky necklace and print midi dress are also making the list- Topshop have some great chunky necklaces at the minute which I'm dying to get my hands on... but with about £3 to my name at the minute, this certainly isn't happening. Roll on payday!

And what would a wishlist by me be without a good dose of Cow?? In case you didn't know, they also sell their clothes via eBay AND their online store: so there's no excuse even if you don't live in a northern industrial city!! I love this reversible bomber jacket, versatile and cool- two jackets for the price of one!
Also, if you have a minute and a cup of coffee, why not browse the Urban Outfitters sale? I've fallen in love with many-a biker jacket and lacey velvety accessory but this split side maxi won it for me. And at just over £20 down from £50... I cant say I wasn't tempted! 

Finally, Motel have got some cracking pieces in for the spring, including these rather eclectic tetris-type shorts. Now just to get back to spin class to sort myself out! (If ever I needed inspiration!)

Hope you all have a great weekend :)
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