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A Sunny Easter Afternoon...

Saturday, 30 March 2013

I hadn't done an outfit post in a while, so when the sun popped out from behind this constant cloud we've been having, I seized the day and dragged my sister out with me to takes some snaps! (Thank you, Bebe!) In line with my recent article on how to #staywarmlookgood, here's an outfit that will keep you looking and feeling snug at the same time...
Jacket- Sue Ryder Retro Vintage/ Jeans- Cow/ Boots- Vintage

Hope you're all enjoying this 4 day weekend!!

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5 ways to #staywarmlookgood

Thursday, 28 March 2013

This week, I've been tweeting for the Fashion section of Liberty Belle magazine (@libertybfashion) and I've started the hashtag '#staywarmlookgood' as a way to proactively encourage people to not compromise fashion over this cold weather. There is nothing that pains me more than when people would rather wear a bright pink lumpy ski jacket than a classic- and warm!- overcoat. And what offends me even more is when people think, just because you look good, that you're actually freezing, thus, you're pretty bloody stupid. 

Well I'm here to prove them wrong. Here are 5 ways to #staywarmlookgood!
  1. Thin layers and lots of them! Build a look up with pretty lace features on a vest top, long sleeved shirts with collar features or bulk up with basics and chuck on your favourite granny jumper (don't get too warm though as you won't want to reveal whats underneath! - for me, H&M basics circa 2008.)
  2. Invest in a fantasticly warm coat. Worst comes to worst, everything warm that you own is in the wash and your faced with a blizzard that would have been more fitting in Ice Age 3. You'll always have this staple to lean back on. Go for classic cuts, wool is best if you can find it and make sure they have length to them- ideally covering the tops of your legs. This is where the body loses a lot of its heat. And you're not 12, none of this cropped jacket nonsense please.
  3. Tuck things in where you can...I'm not saying tuck your thermals into your best M&S cottons but be proactive where you can. Although I'm not complaining, having large breasts does impede on this particular feature and creates rather horrible gaps in my clothing where cold air likes to nest (I.e. my rib cage)  so no low cut tops or overly baggy t shirts, we're not in the 80's.
  4. Be sensible, but don't feel that you can't experiment with layers.Those leather texture jeans you've been saving? Whack on a pair of tights underneath and you're golden.  That floral maxi you bought for a rainy day? Try some over the knee ribbed socks with thick tights or plain leggings. That retro camo jacket? Layer it up with a plain hoodie and some hipster DM's for a cooler take on 'sensible'. There are always ways around it!
  5. Remember, if you want people to respect you, then first respect yourself. Look at countries like Canada where snow and cold are common factors of life. Do our maple syrup  producing, fashionable friends just throw all concept of looking good out of the window? No: they carry on with their daily lives. Why should you have to change your attitude to clothing to satisfy popular opinion? 'Oh I bet she's cold with that thin jacket on'...No, darling. Although you can't see them underneath this wonderfully fitted jumpsuit, my thermals are doing their job perfectly thank you. Now get back to that lumpy teal scarf of yours that will 'stop you getting a cold'...and get a bit of respect for yourself whilst your at it!
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Retro Inspo...

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Enough beauty blogging for now! I've got a job interview tomorrow and I need to take my mind off things... so here we are with a retro inspired lookbook to get those summer-inspired juices flowing!
Retro Inspo
All clothes and accessories from ASOS and eBay

I'll admit, I definitely prefer winter to summer because I think you can be a lot more creative with more layers! But I wanted to do this post to try and get myself in a colourful mood. If you haven't already seen, Cow Vintage- my FAVOURITE vintage retailer, is having a little party to get us all in the mood and out of this terrible mood that March has put us all in.

It promises skin-tight lycra, roller skates and ankle socks pulled up ridiculously high. Sounds like your worst nightmare right? WRONG. Get out of your winter nest and spread those new fluffy spring wings! Not only does it give you the opportunity to dress up (which I will OBVIOUSLY be doing), they are also offering 15% off ALL stock!
Branches are in Sheffield, Manchester, Birmingham and Nottingham- so if you live anywhere near any of these FAB cities: I urge you, GO. GO NOW! (Well, on the 16th April in particular...)

And if you're in Sheffield and fancy popping down, come anyway to see me in some ridiculously cool ensemble. 

Come on, Summer. Hit us with your best shot!

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My First Beauty Vlog...

Monday, 25 March 2013

Let's start with a revelation: I can't do make up. But to my absolute delight, my first beauty vlog has already created a lot of waves! My fabulous friend, Tom has said that he will teach me his ways (he used to be a prolific you-tuber back in the day, doing drag make up!) and I can't wait to learn :) Until then, here is my first attempt at a 'Get Ready With Me!' video...
Also, an exciting update for you! I'm now a writer for both Yuppee and Kettle Magazine- two really fantastic student publications online! Check them out as I'll be posting links to my pieces when they're edited and published!

Have a good week...
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Bblogging Begins!

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Over the next few months, I am attending some beauty blogger meet ups in Manchester and Nottingham as hosted by Emma (from Emtalks) and Sophia (from Tattooed Tea Lady). So in the need to understand make-up and the like, before I go, I've decided to start up my own beauty vlog channel on youtube. For someone who doesn't even moisturise every day (shock horror!) this could be a challenge. But I've bought myself a foundation brush, liquid concealer and ANOTHER eyebrow pencil, so I'm determined to succeed (and at the criminal prices they charge for foundation brushes, I'm gonna make it damn good!)
For now, here are some of my go-to beauty bloggers when I need inspiration, guidance on how to apply fake eyelashes and vintage hair tutorials (because we all know how much I love those!) Enjoy!

My Lulu for cute short vintage up do's!

The Cherry Doll Face! For gorgeous vintage make up and easy to follow hair tutorials...

Tanya Burr, professional MUA and great for classy day to day make up!

Effies Make Up Box- I love her anyway, but she does some super cute vids including nail tutorials!

Having a bit of a youtube fest now, but if you've liked my reccommendations, I'll be posting a few more videos on my twitter: @allylovessloths!

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Weekly Wishlist

Friday, 22 March 2013

Weekly Wishlist

So the weather's crap and we all need shiney new things to cheer us up: time for a weekly wishlist!

You all know how much I love huge prints and pugs and this jumper combines both of those things. I've been an avid follower of SugarPills Clothing- a polish brand that sells jumpers, t shirts and leggings all with large garish prints on- for a while now and when I saw they had released their new season, I was on it like a shot. If this regal pug jumper doesn't enter my life soon, then I will be a very sad Ally.
It would look especially good with that neon lime green satchel as well #justsayin'

I'm a hipster at heart and not (too) afraid to say it, so I'll admit, I want this t shirt. It reads 'HOLY CRAP IT'S A TRIANGLE OMG SO HIPSTER CANT BREATHE AHHH FREAKING TRIANGLE'...and I think it sums up the hipster trend quite nicely. Don't mind if I do, eBay.
Whilst we're on the subject of hipster t shirts, this UNIF beauty needs to hop into my online cart sometime soon. I'm a sucker for emo takes on high end brands (I'm actually 14...) and so this stole my heart instantly. It would also look quite nice with those ripped and dyed levi's I've been saving...

On a more grown up note, I've wanted to share this brand with you guys for some time- this necklace by HG Slow Design is just gorgeous! I've been trying to expand my collection of chunky necklaces and this one is just so functional with pretty much anything. A cute little tea dress, open shirt and jeans, playsuits- you name it! Possibilities are endless! Check out Hannah's collection online- truly inspired.
In fact... it would also go quite nicely with this cute box jacket from Tusc, an American brand that I'm saving for a rainy day (which, let's face it, could be any day now). It's super cute and summery and would finish off any smart-casual day look, be it out with the girls for lunch or a job interview.

I hope you're all spitting in the weather's face and braving the cold with some stunning outfits! I've taken over at the Liberty Belle Fashion twitter for a few days whilst our editor is away, and I'm working on trending a hastag #staywarmlookgood- I think it's something a lot of people struggle with and will help people who don't want to compromise warmth over fashion! Check it out!

And have a good weekend, people of the interweb ;)
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True Colours

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Haven't done an outfit post in a while, so here's an outfit I styled for a Liberty Belle Fashion piece with COW. I loved the jumper and needed to style it with something and so when I saw this fitted geometric dress, I fell head over heels instantly! Paired with this mixed metal belt and cute little ankle boots, its a fearless take on 70's chic!

Have a fab weekend! And keep your eyes peeled on for my write up on the outfits I styled for the Fashion section!