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5 ways to #staywarmlookgood

Thursday, 28 March 2013

This week, I've been tweeting for the Fashion section of Liberty Belle magazine (@libertybfashion) and I've started the hashtag '#staywarmlookgood' as a way to proactively encourage people to not compromise fashion over this cold weather. There is nothing that pains me more than when people would rather wear a bright pink lumpy ski jacket than a classic- and warm!- overcoat. And what offends me even more is when people think, just because you look good, that you're actually freezing, thus, you're pretty bloody stupid. 

Well I'm here to prove them wrong. Here are 5 ways to #staywarmlookgood!
  1. Thin layers and lots of them! Build a look up with pretty lace features on a vest top, long sleeved shirts with collar features or bulk up with basics and chuck on your favourite granny jumper (don't get too warm though as you won't want to reveal whats underneath! - for me, H&M basics circa 2008.)
  2. Invest in a fantasticly warm coat. Worst comes to worst, everything warm that you own is in the wash and your faced with a blizzard that would have been more fitting in Ice Age 3. You'll always have this staple to lean back on. Go for classic cuts, wool is best if you can find it and make sure they have length to them- ideally covering the tops of your legs. This is where the body loses a lot of its heat. And you're not 12, none of this cropped jacket nonsense please.
  3. Tuck things in where you can...I'm not saying tuck your thermals into your best M&S cottons but be proactive where you can. Although I'm not complaining, having large breasts does impede on this particular feature and creates rather horrible gaps in my clothing where cold air likes to nest (I.e. my rib cage)  so no low cut tops or overly baggy t shirts, we're not in the 80's.
  4. Be sensible, but don't feel that you can't experiment with layers.Those leather texture jeans you've been saving? Whack on a pair of tights underneath and you're golden.  That floral maxi you bought for a rainy day? Try some over the knee ribbed socks with thick tights or plain leggings. That retro camo jacket? Layer it up with a plain hoodie and some hipster DM's for a cooler take on 'sensible'. There are always ways around it!
  5. Remember, if you want people to respect you, then first respect yourself. Look at countries like Canada where snow and cold are common factors of life. Do our maple syrup  producing, fashionable friends just throw all concept of looking good out of the window? No: they carry on with their daily lives. Why should you have to change your attitude to clothing to satisfy popular opinion? 'Oh I bet she's cold with that thin jacket on'...No, darling. Although you can't see them underneath this wonderfully fitted jumpsuit, my thermals are doing their job perfectly thank you. Now get back to that lumpy teal scarf of yours that will 'stop you getting a cold'...and get a bit of respect for yourself whilst your at it!
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  1. LOVE this! I am the worst when staying warm.. I'm the person you mentioned. I either look good and freeze, or I'm warm and look dated. I will be attempting the multiple thin layers.. Keeping my fingers crossed, like!