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Retro Inspo...

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Enough beauty blogging for now! I've got a job interview tomorrow and I need to take my mind off things... so here we are with a retro inspired lookbook to get those summer-inspired juices flowing!
Retro Inspo
All clothes and accessories from ASOS and eBay

I'll admit, I definitely prefer winter to summer because I think you can be a lot more creative with more layers! But I wanted to do this post to try and get myself in a colourful mood. If you haven't already seen, Cow Vintage- my FAVOURITE vintage retailer, is having a little party to get us all in the mood and out of this terrible mood that March has put us all in.

It promises skin-tight lycra, roller skates and ankle socks pulled up ridiculously high. Sounds like your worst nightmare right? WRONG. Get out of your winter nest and spread those new fluffy spring wings! Not only does it give you the opportunity to dress up (which I will OBVIOUSLY be doing), they are also offering 15% off ALL stock!
Branches are in Sheffield, Manchester, Birmingham and Nottingham- so if you live anywhere near any of these FAB cities: I urge you, GO. GO NOW! (Well, on the 16th April in particular...)

And if you're in Sheffield and fancy popping down, come anyway to see me in some ridiculously cool ensemble. 

Come on, Summer. Hit us with your best shot!

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