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SM Walker: Designer

Monday, 18 March 2013

On my travels to Leicester this weekend, I visited local fashion boutique Watch This Space in St. Martins Square, run by Stephanie Macdonald-Walker. Steph sources and sells work by over 89 independent designers based in the UK and I can't express the sheer amount and quality of the work she hosts! From printed shirts to artwork, she has harnessed the art of running a fantastic boutique. 
Steph herself is a DMU fashion design graduate and sells her own handmade pieces in store. Before we visited I had a sneak peak at her online portfolio and fell in love with her leather craftmanship in the form of collars, capes and bags. She also makes bespoke jewellery and gorgeous feather neck pieces and collars. 
(Pictures via!page-2)
Here's some pictures I took in-store:

I spied some of my other favourite brands in store such as Plain Bear (bespoke printed tees), Organic Pirate (chic grunge label), Rogue Pony (floral headdresses) and Outpost (leather goods and satchels). Check them out- I thoroughly recommend!

A few new designers that I picked out and LOVED were Heather McDermott (Jewellery), Jacob Escott (Art and Design), TBL (Statement Necklaces) and Nathan Pass (Knitwear, Jewellery and Embellishments). 

Also in store was this BEAUTIFUL wall mural, all done in black marker pen, by Wayne Mitchelson- please appreciate!

A truly fantastic shop, that you HAVE to visit if ever in Leicester. Thanks to Steph for being so approachable and kind in letting us take pictures and hassling her for details!

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