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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

With a Fashion Week shaped hole missing in my life, I've been lusting over off-duty models and their outfits. It's not often that I like the off-duty model look: usually quite boring and not very experimental (I guess they're used to being put in crazy outfits most days of the week anyway...!). But this girl breaks the mould...

Chloe Nørgaard, breakthrough model in the latest Fashion Week seasons has stolen my heart and my hair (it's already itching to go a crazy turquoise blue and green or fiery yellow). She also lives in New York and her boyfriend is incredibly hipster.... but cool. I'm green with envy!

 (Pictures via: Noorgard's Facebook)

Seriously check her out: if you LOVE alternative style, then she is definitley worth a pin or 60 on pinterest! Her personal tumblr is awesome too!

Chloe Noorgard... #iwanttobeyou.
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