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The Best Things in Life are Free

Friday, 8 March 2013

The title of this post is a lie... the best things certainly aren't free in life, which is why I am grateful that I have about a million different jobs and occasionally sell my stuff on eBay when things are getting tough (and obviously when my overdraft doesn't quite cut the cheese...). Thankfully, I recently got paid for a hard stint at work these past few weeks and so I treated myself with a couple of purchases online.

First, here is my much coveted headband from Crown and Glory. This piece was sold out on their website so I ordered it through Two Red Trees instead- a great little online store that endorses British artists, designers and the like. I have to say, I loved the packaging of this and now I can keep my headband in its own bag- how cute is that??

(Thanks especially goes to 'Sophie' who made my headband!)

I also recently ranted and raved about the site '' on one of my weekly wishlists. I took the plunge and ordered these golden beauties- for five pounds- off the site. I am thrilled with them! The only downside to the site is that you pay postage on package weight (they have to make their money somehow I guess!) but all in all, the shoes cost me about £8... can I complain? No!

Also, if you get a chance, check out Widow Clothing's latest lookbook. Although a tad creepy (it is Widow afterall) it all looks beautiful and I can't wait until the new season hits the store! Watch out overdraft, you're about to take a serious hit!

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Have a great weekend!
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