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Weekly Wishlist

Friday, 22 March 2013

Weekly Wishlist

So the weather's crap and we all need shiney new things to cheer us up: time for a weekly wishlist!

You all know how much I love huge prints and pugs and this jumper combines both of those things. I've been an avid follower of SugarPills Clothing- a polish brand that sells jumpers, t shirts and leggings all with large garish prints on- for a while now and when I saw they had released their new season, I was on it like a shot. If this regal pug jumper doesn't enter my life soon, then I will be a very sad Ally.
It would look especially good with that neon lime green satchel as well #justsayin'

I'm a hipster at heart and not (too) afraid to say it, so I'll admit, I want this t shirt. It reads 'HOLY CRAP IT'S A TRIANGLE OMG SO HIPSTER CANT BREATHE AHHH FREAKING TRIANGLE'...and I think it sums up the hipster trend quite nicely. Don't mind if I do, eBay.
Whilst we're on the subject of hipster t shirts, this UNIF beauty needs to hop into my online cart sometime soon. I'm a sucker for emo takes on high end brands (I'm actually 14...) and so this stole my heart instantly. It would also look quite nice with those ripped and dyed levi's I've been saving...

On a more grown up note, I've wanted to share this brand with you guys for some time- this necklace by HG Slow Design is just gorgeous! I've been trying to expand my collection of chunky necklaces and this one is just so functional with pretty much anything. A cute little tea dress, open shirt and jeans, playsuits- you name it! Possibilities are endless! Check out Hannah's collection online- truly inspired.
In fact... it would also go quite nicely with this cute box jacket from Tusc, an American brand that I'm saving for a rainy day (which, let's face it, could be any day now). It's super cute and summery and would finish off any smart-casual day look, be it out with the girls for lunch or a job interview.

I hope you're all spitting in the weather's face and braving the cold with some stunning outfits! I've taken over at the Liberty Belle Fashion twitter for a few days whilst our editor is away, and I'm working on trending a hastag #staywarmlookgood- I think it's something a lot of people struggle with and will help people who don't want to compromise warmth over fashion! Check it out!

And have a good weekend, people of the interweb ;)
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  1. Hahahahahaha.. That triangle tshirt it AMAZING !! I'm a closet hipster you see..