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What's Alexandra Waring... in Leicester?

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

So here's what I wore in Leicester! I decided on a floral theme to try and kick start the weather (it didn't work, it was miserable all weekend) and try a play on the co-ord look. I also wanted to try out my new headgear from Crown and Glory and I have to say I was suitably happy with it!!

Here's me, doing ma thiiing, in Watch This Space....

All in all, a fantastic weekend in Leicester!
Special thanks goes to Stephanie Macdonald-Walker, Abigail White, Charlotte Matthews, Austin Louis Perry, Lizzie Arthur, Pippa Moyle and my bestie Caseman who I couldn't have done without this weekend! (I was going to mention you at some point anyway, you fool!) She let me sleep in her bed and took me to the best place for breakfast in Leicester, that I unfortunately didn't take any pictures of as I was already face-deep in it 5 seconds in... however, take my word for it: it was good!

She also showed me and Pippa where Richard III was found (obligatory plug for Leicester Archaeology!)

And we also found this...weird smiley face in the ground... #itsthelittlethings!

This trial run of our Blog Tour has been epic and we can't wait for the next one! Next stop: Manchester. If you know anyone who is based in Manchester and is interested in/ knows someone in Fashion or Music that is yet to be discovered, get in touch!


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