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I'm Gentleman Death in Silk and Lace...

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

(Coco De Mer Lingerie)

It was a regular Saturday night discussing boys and the like with a glass of wine when my friend exclaimed that she'd be really offended if her boyfriend bought her underwear. I, being totally perplexed at this, inquired as to why and was shocked to hear that she thought lingerie was, in fact, completely for the male benefit.

Now, I don't know if anyone else's boyfriends have bought them underwear before, but there are a set of rules which you must follow if you are ever to receive it from him (and if you are to avoid, as my friend says, giving him the full benefit).
1. Receive said gift with smiles and delight. Don't balk the minute you see the size 8 tag or the fact that it has a diamanté feature. Instead, giggles, tits and teeth will do the job just fine.
2. Never EVER let him see you in it.

(Coco De Mer Lingerie)

Even if you DO like the underwear he's bought you (which, to tell you the hard truth was probably picked out by a shop assistant who flaunted her own breasts to him when enquiring about YOUR size), the last step is crucial. A man can never think that you will dress up just for his benefit (especially not in regards to your undies). Having been victim to the dreaded comment 'is that really what your wearing?' accompanied by a strained expression, coupled with a cheeky smile to avoid an argument, I have learnt that (straight) men do not have the faintest idea about what women wear. And you should NEVER take advice from them (that is, unless your testing them and have died your hair neon green and paired it with bubblegum bodycon).

In regards to lingerie, I have always seen it as something that I wear for my own benefit. After all, you can't expect your boyfriend to appreciate your faux fur gilet or those oversized vintage jeans. So why should you stuff the finest silk Ann Summers has to offer up your bum to satisfy his...needs?

(Agent Provocateur Lingerie)

Having said all this, unless he has been a very VERY good boy or it's his birthday (oh the things one does for 'love'), then I'd save that French lace for a rainy day. Or just to stare at yourself in the mirror. Either works fantastically well as a mood booster.

But ladies I implore you, never dress up for a man. If he really loves you, he'll adore you in that floral jacket with the shoulder pads...and not make you go and change so it doesn't clash with his trilby. I don't think he was straight anyway...

(Fox and Rose Lingerie)

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