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Weekly Wishlist

Monday, 29 April 2013

Weekly Wishlist

This week I'm getting very excited because it's nearly the end of the month and I will soon get paid YESSS! I am extremely happy about this fact because, as most women in their early 20's, I have a habit that needs to be fulfilled. I tend to get quite on-edge and crazy when I haven't made a purchase in a's strange. But to me, shopping is a bit like air, but a tad less vital to my existence.

So anyway, I have been haunting my regular favourites and discovered some new boutiques along the way as well. Firstly, these awesome platform boots from The Little Deer boutique caught my eye not only because they are amazing, but because they are a mere £20!! GET HERE NOW, PAYDAY! Not to mention that they would look seriously good with this Marlboro vest top from O-Mighty (I'm sure this infringes on some advertising law somewhere...) or this American Eagle sequin waistcoat from Vintage Style Me. Another great find at O-Mighty was this money print skirt- money prints are coming back increasingly more popular each time so it's deffs worth an investment in a statement piece like this one at the minute!

Also from Vintage Style Me is this flamingo high waisted skirt which I really want not only for the cute Hawaiian print theme, but because I'm trying to increase my wardrobe's bottom half print range- I always tend to wear my garish prints on my top half so it draws the eye there, but I'm getting braver with time (and starving myself into shape for summer) so I should be ready to wear this beauty by then! Speaking of prints, I'm going to Russia in September and I love the Matryoshka doll print that's popping up everywhere at the moment. Also, my wardrobe is severely missing a good light weight bomber jacket- come to Mumma pretty doll jacket...

Finally, I've been looking for some really cute sandals for those balmy summer nights and I was inspired by Charlotte of Lurchhound loves- in this post particularly (as I met her when she was wearing this at the Notts Beauty Blogger event earlier this month- she looked awesome!) Her leg's are appallingly good though, so it might take some work to look as good as her in them! Let's hope these sandals from do the trick!

Have a fab week lovelies and keep an eye for a haul post later on in the week no doubt!
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Friday, 26 April 2013

One of my favourite blog collectives- the Girl Stole gals (Lereese of The Girl Who StoleVintage and Lolli of The Girl Who Stole London) have set up their own collaborative online store and I'M SO EXCITED.

Not only do I adore their individual style and worship their blogs, the variety of clothing on their new site is amazing. With them offering up-and-coming designers the chance to feature on the site, it also shows new talent (which I am obviously a BIG fan of) and they're definitely not afraid to showcase the wilder side of vintage! (Check out the tropical cocktail dress on the bottom left- in love!). Also, did I mention all their products are really reasonably priced? I'll deffs be making a cheeky purchase when this months wages come through.

If you havent already, do have a look at the Girl Stole blogs- being a Londoner at heart, Lolli is my portal back to the big city when I'm sat in a cafe in the rainy industrial north. Lereese's blog is equally fabulous and her outfits are simple, but so so effective (and laced with vintage steals obv!). You can follow Girl Stole on TwitterFacebook and obviously, their personal social media platforms.

Have a peek and let me know what you think at @allylovessloths
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What's Alexandra Waring... to a job interview?

I've recently been to a lot of job interviews for marketing, PR and social media rolls in and around Sheffield and it amazes me how many people struggle with what to wear to a job interview. Now, obviously as being a  fashion blogger features quite heavily on my CV, it would be a travesty neigh (!) a fakery, for me to turn up to an interview in a shapeless John Lewis suit and white shirt from 3 years ago. Now this is not to say that John Lewis suits are bad, I am simply trying to express that it would be a misrepresentation for me to look uninterested in fashion. However...'being interested in fashion' is one thing- if I turned up in a feather headdress and clashing prints I wouldn't be getting across to the employer in the right way. This is the art of dressing for interview.

You want to be able to subtly show your prospective employer that you're fun, creative and someone they want to work with before you even open your mouth- but I stress 'subtly', therefore I've composed 5 outfits suitable for an internship in a creative industry (much like the one I'm trying to get into!!).

Jacket- Zara Basic from White Rose / Shirt from Primark / Leggings from River Island
I found this jacket at an absolutely fab retro vintage shop on my trip to Nottingham for the #NottsBBMeet- White Rose. It's smart enough to wear to interview, has a peplum feature to accentuate the waist and add shape. Paired with simplistic accompaniments in this cut-out feature shirt and plain black leggings, it shows a smart but organised approach to your appearance and thus, your work too!

Polo neck top- eBay/ Trousers- H&M
A high polo neck automatically means business! It covers all my 'features' but it's tight enough to show them off still! In terms of a job interview, it's sometimes good to utilise your skills in this area. Firstly- find out who is on the interview panel. Without trying to sound sexist, it will matter as to how you dress whether the panel is made up of men, women or both. As we know, women (whether intentionally or not) can and will judge other women on what they wear- especially in creative industries. This is where power dressing comes into play. You don't want to out-dress the woman on the panel, so choose something that makes you look professional but not intimidating. A reason why this outfit works so well here is because you're not flaunting anything too obviously and the floral trousers show character. This outfit also works well with a male panel- the tight top does enough for you without screaming 'I AM WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR' which can put any man off! The floral trousers look 'girly' and approachable in this sense. Sounds silly, but why shouldn't you use what your mother gave you?!

Shirt-River Island/ Leggings- River Island/ Earrings- My Mum's!This shirt has interesting features on the collar and is silky, so carries an air of elegance! A great one for events management or project management internships, for example, as this outfit mirrors the sort of look you'd wear to an event. Great product placement there! (I.e. YOU in your new internship role!)

Shirt- H&M, Necklace- Topshop, Skirt- Urban OutfittersA pencil skirt is always a winner and screams sophistication. However, you'll need to pair down the 'serious' factor or else you may get confused with being drab. Try an oversized shirt with a large print and a large statement necklace to reign in the feminine factor. As the pencil skirt is so fitted you need to combat it in this way to make it relaxed, confident and collected- hello internship!

Jacket- Vintage Urban Outfitters/ Shirt- H&M/ Leggings- River Island/ Necklace- VintageFinally, if all else is lost, a great blazer and/or jacket will always save you when it comes to dressing for interview. It automatically says that you are a smart, intelligent person with a mind for business. Mix it up a little with a feature blouse and necklace, teamed with plain leggings for a sharp look.
A final note would be to combine all these looks with 'sensible' height heels, whether they be boots or sandal heels. You will always look more professional in heels and will be forced to carry yourself better. Just remember- shoulders back, relax and smile. First impressions count, but let you're outfit do that for you and you'll be one step ahead of the game!

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What's Iggy Azalea Waring?

Thursday, 25 April 2013

So I've developed somewhat of a crush on the beautiful, talented and hell-crazy ballsey Iggy Azalea. I'll admit, I've only recently heard her stuff but I just couldn't take my eyes off her video for 'Work' (please see below).
Not only has she harnessed the pure urban BEAUTY of SS13, but she works it in a way that only someone with that kind of swag can. Her sense of style is a given considering her recent successes in the industry but her story is truly awe inspiring- leaving home in Australia at the age of 16, she booked herself a one way ticket to Miami (without telling her parents) and never looked back. Here she is, 6 years later with one of the most promising careers in rap music seen from talent outside of the US. Cheers to that!
Here's some of my favourite looks from her: keep an eye- I'll be replicating this pure genius soon!
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Beginning of the End...or End of the Beginning?

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

I think I'm having a mid-life crisis. An honest full-blown mid-life crisis, at the ripe old age of 20. 

This week I'm letting go of all my societies & projects at uni and signing off in preparation for my year abroad. For those that don't know, as part of my Modern Languages course, I have to complete a compulsory year abroad in the countries whose languages I study. Just a side note- the blog is not going ANYWHERE (if anything it's one of the very few things that's going to maintain my sanity). But this has just confirmed how much I enjoy doing these sorts of projects and how much they keep me going in the face of adversity (i.e. my degree programme). It's also made me take a very hard look at my life and how much I've got up to in these last few months: so here's a little 'my style' diary- a more visual version to show where I've been and where I'm going...Enjoy!

Here's to next (academic) year and all the new experiences it will bring *raises metaphorical glass*- thanks to you all for keeping me sane! x

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My Tribe

Monday, 22 April 2013

The coolest thing about fashion right now? The fact that no matter how much you clash, no matter how many prints or colours or textures you are wearing- S/S13 salutes you. So on that note, I give you My Tribe: a fashion label with an 80's urban edge (with all the class and slick vivacity of S/S13). At £120 for a bomber jacket, it's a little steep for me right now: but I've never wanted to invest more in something in my entire life! 

Currently on ASOS Marketplace and having collaborated with Urban Outfitters on their awesome bomber jacket collection, they sell pieces which are designed to catch your eye- think bright in your face prints in bold cuts paired with an attitude only the urban cool kids can muster. Although I'd look interesting in this ensemble, if I were going to a festival, or working the festival circuit, as is my custom in Summer (COUGH COUGH HINT), then this is the sort of thing I would die to wear. 

Take my word, with the rise of international stars like Iggy Azalea (how HOT would she look in these pieces??!), Rita Ora, Azealia Banks...this is going to be HUGE.

Follow My Tribe on Facebook and Twitter.

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