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Get Her Style.... Florence Welch

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Get Her Style

This week instead of a wishlist post, I've decided to do a 'Get Her Style' feature, a) because I have about £10 to my name b) I have far too much that I want to put in a single post. Thus, I give you the myth, the legend, that is Florence Welch! I've chosen this particular look as I think it's really relaxed,  but she's obviously still made an effort to put it all together. The perfect look for a chilled out weekend in town or, paired with some heels, an easy office look (not too smart, not too casual!).

I've put a variety of items together for this look, but obviously the autumnal palette of colours is a difficult one to get right. No one particularly enjoys wearing brown (and our guts tell us that Brown + Black = MASSIVE no no) but this look works quite well when you pair different shades together- especially with maroon or golden tones. Depending on your hair colour as well, it is difficult to get right- as Florence is ginger, no matter what she wears in this palette works really well (#notjealousatall). I'd reccommend if you have dark/brown/black, steer towards the maroon shades and if blonde, then stick to more beige, light browns mixed with whites and creams (just to maintain some continuity!).

In this instance, wear darker shades on parts of your body you're not 100% comfortable with. A garish shirt will draw the eye to your upper body, as 70's flare/tassel trousers will your bottom half. So choose wisely! I'm in love with these brogues though (an ASOS steal!) and they will work with whatever you decide to go with this outfit. With western-inspired pieces on the SS13 catwalks, try some tassels, an awesome cowboy hat or even a suede beige waistcoat worn over a Hawaiian shirt. Sounds crazy, but it works! Great places to look for these things are vintage warehouses, charity shops, fairs or even car boot sales- you never know what you'll find! So keep an eye ;)

Hope you're all having a fab weekend in this amazing weather! Keep it up, UK!
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