Tuesday, 2 April 2013

If there's anything I've learnt in my short time on this planet, it's that life goes on. No matter what happens. So whilst you're here, you should cherish your time- do what you love, make yourself and others happy, go on that road trip around Europe...whatever it is that will fulfill your life! 
I think one of the things I'm most afraid of is regret: it's a relatively common notion. But this year, I started this blog to take my life into my own hands and do exactly what I wanted with it. So to all those people who like bringing others down, to make themselves feel better about what they haven't done or won't do in their lives: turn it around. You can do it right now! 

And believe me, it feels good...

If you fancy a gander at my recent work on Kettle or Yuppee Magazines- the links to my profiles are in the side bar. I'd love to hear your opinions!

Have a good week, lovelies!

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  1. finally got round to looking at the blogs of the people who are in the same kiehls group as me next week! hi! :) this is such a gorgeous outfit, and you have a stunning smile :)
    nicola :) xx

  2. Such a nice dress, really suits you

  3. You're absolutely right!!
    Saadiya x