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Monday, 22 April 2013

The coolest thing about fashion right now? The fact that no matter how much you clash, no matter how many prints or colours or textures you are wearing- S/S13 salutes you. So on that note, I give you My Tribe: a fashion label with an 80's urban edge (with all the class and slick vivacity of S/S13). At £120 for a bomber jacket, it's a little steep for me right now: but I've never wanted to invest more in something in my entire life! 

Currently on ASOS Marketplace and having collaborated with Urban Outfitters on their awesome bomber jacket collection, they sell pieces which are designed to catch your eye- think bright in your face prints in bold cuts paired with an attitude only the urban cool kids can muster. Although I'd look interesting in this ensemble, if I were going to a festival, or working the festival circuit, as is my custom in Summer (COUGH COUGH HINT), then this is the sort of thing I would die to wear. 

Take my word, with the rise of international stars like Iggy Azalea (how HOT would she look in these pieces??!), Rita Ora, Azealia Banks...this is going to be HUGE.

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