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Printed Peacock

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Today I am metaphorically peacocking with some crazy vintage prints. The jacket was kindly gifted to me by COW ( and I'm in love- it's definitely me with the crazy florals and purple hues! I got this shirt from the Vintage Fair in Sheffield for a tenner, which was totally worth it. Awesome shoulder pads (I'm addicted) and  a print that looks like a theatre auditorium with people in stalls and soldiers in the wings. Loads of detail and it goes really well with the other garish print. Paired down with these leather texture jeans (on sale from Urban Outfitters, get in!) and plain black heeled boots, it makes for a really fun day look. Watch out Sheffield, I'm about to stop some traffic! 

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  1. Love the print on the jacket, looks so cool. peacocking is definitely the way!

    Lola x