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Weekly Wishlist

Monday, 29 April 2013

Weekly Wishlist

This week I'm getting very excited because it's nearly the end of the month and I will soon get paid YESSS! I am extremely happy about this fact because, as most women in their early 20's, I have a habit that needs to be fulfilled. I tend to get quite on-edge and crazy when I haven't made a purchase in a's strange. But to me, shopping is a bit like air, but a tad less vital to my existence.

So anyway, I have been haunting my regular favourites and discovered some new boutiques along the way as well. Firstly, these awesome platform boots from The Little Deer boutique caught my eye not only because they are amazing, but because they are a mere £20!! GET HERE NOW, PAYDAY! Not to mention that they would look seriously good with this Marlboro vest top from O-Mighty (I'm sure this infringes on some advertising law somewhere...) or this American Eagle sequin waistcoat from Vintage Style Me. Another great find at O-Mighty was this money print skirt- money prints are coming back increasingly more popular each time so it's deffs worth an investment in a statement piece like this one at the minute!

Also from Vintage Style Me is this flamingo high waisted skirt which I really want not only for the cute Hawaiian print theme, but because I'm trying to increase my wardrobe's bottom half print range- I always tend to wear my garish prints on my top half so it draws the eye there, but I'm getting braver with time (and starving myself into shape for summer) so I should be ready to wear this beauty by then! Speaking of prints, I'm going to Russia in September and I love the Matryoshka doll print that's popping up everywhere at the moment. Also, my wardrobe is severely missing a good light weight bomber jacket- come to Mumma pretty doll jacket...

Finally, I've been looking for some really cute sandals for those balmy summer nights and I was inspired by Charlotte of Lurchhound loves- in this post particularly (as I met her when she was wearing this at the Notts Beauty Blogger event earlier this month- she looked awesome!) Her leg's are appallingly good though, so it might take some work to look as good as her in them! Let's hope these sandals from do the trick!

Have a fab week lovelies and keep an eye for a haul post later on in the week no doubt!
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