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What's Iggy Azalea Waring?

Thursday, 25 April 2013

So I've developed somewhat of a crush on the beautiful, talented and hell-crazy ballsey Iggy Azalea. I'll admit, I've only recently heard her stuff but I just couldn't take my eyes off her video for 'Work' (please see below).
Not only has she harnessed the pure urban BEAUTY of SS13, but she works it in a way that only someone with that kind of swag can. Her sense of style is a given considering her recent successes in the industry but her story is truly awe inspiring- leaving home in Australia at the age of 16, she booked herself a one way ticket to Miami (without telling her parents) and never looked back. Here she is, 6 years later with one of the most promising careers in rap music seen from talent outside of the US. Cheers to that!
Here's some of my favourite looks from her: keep an eye- I'll be replicating this pure genius soon!
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