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Saturday, 25 May 2013

So because of the psychotic weather we're having, I had to go to work on Friday in a woolly jumper. A GODDAMN WOOLLY JUMPER. What IS this Sheffield??

Nonetheless, it is one of my favourite woolly jumpers because of this gorgeous leather and sequin detailing and the forever fantastic shoulder pads which maintain that I am, indeed, from the 70's. Another COW bargain might I add! I paired it with leather look jeans to highlight the detailing and my little black boots to keep the rain off  my feet!

I kept my make up simple and chose a lipstick shade that matches my drastically fading pink hair... need to get desperately re-dying once this exam period is over!

Another bit of excitement to share with you, is my latest parcel from COW. As an official Cow blogger, they send me nice new free things from their reworked range to share with you guys occasionally and these beauties turned up today!

I'll be doing some outfit posts with these beauties once my exams are done (roll on 7th June...) but for now, marvel at their  re-worked beauty! You can find more stunners like these on their website and eBay pages.

Keep an eye and stay in touch over this horrid exam period with me at @allylovessloths!

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Behind The Scenes with...Hannah Gower- Slow Design

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Just one of the many upsides of working in association with COW is hanging out with their amazingly talented staff! At the Sheffield branch one such individual, Hannah Gower, is a fashion design student and has recently gained a place at LCF. In light of this and as an avid follower of her sustainable eco-friendly collection, I had an interview with her to find out what the future hold for such bright talent...

First of all, I just wanted to say how innovative your collection is- it makes a statement without having consequences on the environment: fantastic! How did you come up with the concept?
I've always held a strong passion for resourceful fashion design, so when creating my graduate collection it always going to be based around a certain sustainable philosophy; the concept for my graduate collection came to me in a dream; I woke up and thought that could be turned into something interesting and went from there.

Who do you design your clothes for? And who would you most like to see wearing your collection?
My graduate collection was designed on a conceptual basis, with the aim of letting the wearer to stop and think of how they understand their perception of fashion, I would need the wearer to be open minded towards conscious clothing, craft and experimentation through shape and form, but more than anything a person who has confidence in their own style and can interpret my designs in their own way.

Do you ever wear your own clothes- be it clothes you've designed or a trend your mirroring, set to your own specifications?
I just believe in good craftsman ship and quality, simple but stunning. I always try to support the independent clothing retailers, second hand or vintage clothing shops. Be aware of who you are buying from and what you are buying.

What are your hopes for your current collection? Are you hoping to expand your vision or do you think you'd like to stay with the current concept of an environmentally forward collection?
I have just gained a place at LCF to study MA Fashion and the Environment, so this current graduate collection will be expanded and researched further to inspire future designs, keeping true to sustainable philosophies. I want to involve the consumer as much as possible; one way of you being involved in upcoming collections is to donate your unwanted tights to me through my  'Don't Be Tight' campaign by doing this you will be making a conscious effort to recycle your unwanted tights instead of throwing them away but also helping sustain my design process. All garments from graduate collection were crafted from unwanted donated tights.

Who are your favourite designers and who do you take inspiration from the most?
I admire a lot of designers whether it is for the garments they design or the morals they keep, but I have always being inspired by Japanese and Belgium designers who take the thought of concept to garment to another level. Visit my tumblr for daily updates of what inspires me; designers, nature, colour and texture. 

You did your BA at Leeds but you've recently got a place at LCF, congrats! What was the application process like? 
Yeah I'm so happy about getting a place at LCF with recently graduating from Leeds College of Art I felt I was prepared for the application as I knew where I wanted my study to go next, their was a lot of writing involved through essays and project proposals but it was worth it, I'm very excited to start in September. I'm currently in the process of making a range of products from unwanted materials locally sourced in Sheffield, by buying a product all money will be contributed towards the funding of my study in London, visit Etsy all purchases are greatly appreciated, more to be added soon!

During your BA you interned in fashion houses - what was it like working in/ for a fashion house?
Throughout my BA study I tended to work with smaller independent designers, with a knitwear designer in London and Sustainable designer in Leeds, I preferred working with smaller companies as you get the chance to meet everybody involved and can fully be a part of all processes; research, design, fabric sourcing, production and communicating.

What would your advice be to an aspiring fashion designer like yourself?
Just to be true to yourself, believe in what you are designing, be inspired everyday oh and keep a sketchbook with you for scribbles and ideas, big or small.

You can find Hannah on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and her own website

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What's Alexandra Waring....with River Island?

Monday, 13 May 2013

Being a fashion nutcase, I'm signed up to potentially every mailing list worth being on, on the internet. Some of you may think that this would be annoying as an unnecessary amount of emails mount up on all my electronic devices. Some of you would be right with that assumption. But I, for one, am certainly not today because I have just been made aware of the River Island collection of co-ordinates that are now available online. And please, continue reading with care. Very purchase-able materials ahead!!
River Island Co-ords

First off, these two sets of co-ords are fantastic East-Asian inspired pieces and with clashing prints back in, they are the perfect find for a relaxed summer look- be it day or night. Pair with accessories that will give it the look you want- if going for a relaxed day look, creepers and a statement necklace or clutch bag will do the trick. Add heels and/or big earrings with hair pulled back tight and a big quiff!

River Island Co-ordinates

These two sets are perfect for night time looks but, again, can be dressed down with the right accessories. For an urban look, try a parody beanie, chunky heels and large chain necklace- just be sure not to pair bold accessories with too bold a print; this coral baroque design works fantastically here. For the green floral co-ords, try gold accessories for a classy night time look. Cocktails anyone?

All pieces available online at
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Street Style: The Vintage Fair

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Today I, once again, attended The Sheffield Vintage Fair- part of The Vintage Fair company which organises fantastic events all around the UK, bringing vintage goods to everyone! I interviewed one of the organisers, Gina a few weeks ago and you can see the interview here.

I didn't make any purchases today (sad face) but I did get some fab snaps of the gorgeous vintage girls at the fair. Metaphorical hats off to you, ladies, you looked gorgeous!

Don't forget to follow the vintage goodness online on their Twitter, Facebook and vote for them in The Vintage Directory awards for best vintage fair here!
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What's Alexandra her hair?

Friday, 10 May 2013

I got's my hair did! Hello old brown roots, nice to see you again! I decided to go a little more subtle in preparation for my year abroad starting in September. So, with continuity in mind, I got rid of my all over signature purple with fiery orange dip-dye (goodbye for now, old friend!) and went back to my roots with a main brown body with purple to bright pink gradiated dip-dye. The picture doesn't do it justice, but it really pops!!

I, of course, got this done at my favourite salon in Sheffield, Hair by Christmas and the fabulous Nikki was there to make sure my hair didn't get damaged (she didn't use bleach, but a great purple high-lift colour on my hair mixed with raspberry shade of directions). I can't recommend them highly enough! You can find them in the Broomhill area of Sheffield :)

I found this picture a while back and I now realise how influential it was on me! Gorgeous gradiated pink dip dye...

And here is the finished product on me! Can't wait to get some snaps of this with some awesome outfits, of course

Keep an eye, readers! 

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Behind the Scenes with... The Vintage Fair

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

This week, The Vintage Fair returns to its home town- Sheffield!- for a spring/summer special. At 11am at Sheffield Town Hall, they shall open the flood gates to a fantastic variety of vintage goodies- not to mention a fantastic tea room and hair salon! Having been to the last few myself, I can definitely vouch for this event: not one to be missed!

In light of their return to their home town, I managed to get in touch with one of the organisers, Gina, to find out a little more about the fair, its origins and how they manage to put on such fantastic vintage events! 

Firstly, I'd just like to say how much I enjoy The Vintage Fair events and what a fantastic concept they are! How did you initially develop this and where did your inspiration for the events come from?
Thanks very much! We started by hosting small events in local bars and clubs in Sheffield and figured, well these are going pretty well! So why wouldn't they work on a bigger scale and elsewhere in the country?  We hope to spread our passion for vintage all across the UK.
The Vintage Fair tours lots of cities around the UK, but how do you choose which ones? And how much input does public demand have?
There's a different motive behind each city. For London for example, it's a hive of activity and there are so many different people to attract to our events. Then there are cities that don't appear to have much of a vintage scene like Hull, Middlesborough and Wolverhampton so bringing our fairs there hopefully gets people excited. We have had lots of requests for Scotland and we are happy to say we will be going up there very soon!
How many people are on the team? You actively publicise jobs for locals whenever you visit the different cities- will you be looking to fill permanent jobs with The Vintage Fair?
We are a small busy bee style team! Despite the small permanent team, we rely on local knowledge for each city as those people know their city better than we do.
You recently held an event in Sheffield for St. Luke's Hospice- why did you choose to do a charity themed event and how much did you raise in total?
Loulou's Grandad sadly passed away this year after staying with St Luke's Hospice in Sheffield. This was her way of saying thank you to the great team who looked after him so well. We raised an (estimated) awesome £2000!

How do stall holders get involved? I imagine there are lots of people wanting to be a part of such a prestigious event!
We have a huge traders list and it's ever growing. If people would like to trade with us , be it fashion or home-ware then please visit the Trader page of our website Once you a registered we'll keep you updated with all our upcoming events!
I really enjoy your blog online- it's such a useful platform to show what you guys are up to! How do you decide on content and what goes on the blog?
I love writing the blog as I can be imaginative whilst keeping content relevant. If there's a new trend on the high street I'll do a style piece, if there is a new period film out I'll get excited about the stills and imagine "how can I recreate this look?". I also love to do pieces on my favourite vintage icons and sometimes get quite historical and detailed, everyday is a school day! Not only all of this but we love to use our blog as a platform to collaborate with other enthusiasts and traders, we've worked with What Katie Did, Besame and Fleur De Guerre to give our readers amazing giveaways and tutorials.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to hold a vintage event on a smaller scale? What things have worked best for you at recent events to encourage people to come?
Know you're target audience, research venues well, think outside the box and we live in a world run by social media, so don't forget that!
Finally, you must love vintage yourselves! Who are your favourite vintage retailers and which is the best city, in your opinion, for a vintage bargain?
Naturally, vintage is one of our passions! As for cities, you can't ignore London! I love Spitalfields on a Thursday an Beyond Retro at Brick Lane. But I love to shop vintage in Paris and Amsterdam, if you ever go to big European capitals definitely research the vintage scene. Personally, I prefer to go to the antique centers and markets as I find more quirky and authentic (and often cheaper) vintage items here. Plus they are not as "young" as the shops on the high street so you won't get as much competition! Having said all this, I genuinely do find most of my vintage clothing from fairs! You just don't get that many independent  quality traders altogether in one place anywhere else.

The Vintage Fair have also recently been nominated for 'Best Vintage Fair' by the Vintage Directory. If you have a spare minute, you can vote for them here.

Follow The Vintage Fair on Twitter, Facebook and RSVP to their event this Saturday in Sheffield!

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