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Behind the Scenes with... The Vintage Fair

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

This week, The Vintage Fair returns to its home town- Sheffield!- for a spring/summer special. At 11am at Sheffield Town Hall, they shall open the flood gates to a fantastic variety of vintage goodies- not to mention a fantastic tea room and hair salon! Having been to the last few myself, I can definitely vouch for this event: not one to be missed!

In light of their return to their home town, I managed to get in touch with one of the organisers, Gina, to find out a little more about the fair, its origins and how they manage to put on such fantastic vintage events! 

Firstly, I'd just like to say how much I enjoy The Vintage Fair events and what a fantastic concept they are! How did you initially develop this and where did your inspiration for the events come from?
Thanks very much! We started by hosting small events in local bars and clubs in Sheffield and figured, well these are going pretty well! So why wouldn't they work on a bigger scale and elsewhere in the country?  We hope to spread our passion for vintage all across the UK.
The Vintage Fair tours lots of cities around the UK, but how do you choose which ones? And how much input does public demand have?
There's a different motive behind each city. For London for example, it's a hive of activity and there are so many different people to attract to our events. Then there are cities that don't appear to have much of a vintage scene like Hull, Middlesborough and Wolverhampton so bringing our fairs there hopefully gets people excited. We have had lots of requests for Scotland and we are happy to say we will be going up there very soon!
How many people are on the team? You actively publicise jobs for locals whenever you visit the different cities- will you be looking to fill permanent jobs with The Vintage Fair?
We are a small busy bee style team! Despite the small permanent team, we rely on local knowledge for each city as those people know their city better than we do.
You recently held an event in Sheffield for St. Luke's Hospice- why did you choose to do a charity themed event and how much did you raise in total?
Loulou's Grandad sadly passed away this year after staying with St Luke's Hospice in Sheffield. This was her way of saying thank you to the great team who looked after him so well. We raised an (estimated) awesome £2000!

How do stall holders get involved? I imagine there are lots of people wanting to be a part of such a prestigious event!
We have a huge traders list and it's ever growing. If people would like to trade with us , be it fashion or home-ware then please visit the Trader page of our website Once you a registered we'll keep you updated with all our upcoming events!
I really enjoy your blog online- it's such a useful platform to show what you guys are up to! How do you decide on content and what goes on the blog?
I love writing the blog as I can be imaginative whilst keeping content relevant. If there's a new trend on the high street I'll do a style piece, if there is a new period film out I'll get excited about the stills and imagine "how can I recreate this look?". I also love to do pieces on my favourite vintage icons and sometimes get quite historical and detailed, everyday is a school day! Not only all of this but we love to use our blog as a platform to collaborate with other enthusiasts and traders, we've worked with What Katie Did, Besame and Fleur De Guerre to give our readers amazing giveaways and tutorials.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to hold a vintage event on a smaller scale? What things have worked best for you at recent events to encourage people to come?
Know you're target audience, research venues well, think outside the box and we live in a world run by social media, so don't forget that!
Finally, you must love vintage yourselves! Who are your favourite vintage retailers and which is the best city, in your opinion, for a vintage bargain?
Naturally, vintage is one of our passions! As for cities, you can't ignore London! I love Spitalfields on a Thursday an Beyond Retro at Brick Lane. But I love to shop vintage in Paris and Amsterdam, if you ever go to big European capitals definitely research the vintage scene. Personally, I prefer to go to the antique centers and markets as I find more quirky and authentic (and often cheaper) vintage items here. Plus they are not as "young" as the shops on the high street so you won't get as much competition! Having said all this, I genuinely do find most of my vintage clothing from fairs! You just don't get that many independent  quality traders altogether in one place anywhere else.

The Vintage Fair have also recently been nominated for 'Best Vintage Fair' by the Vintage Directory. If you have a spare minute, you can vote for them here.

Follow The Vintage Fair on Twitter, Facebook and RSVP to their event this Saturday in Sheffield!

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