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Behind The Scenes with...Hannah Gower- Slow Design

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Just one of the many upsides of working in association with COW is hanging out with their amazingly talented staff! At the Sheffield branch one such individual, Hannah Gower, is a fashion design student and has recently gained a place at LCF. In light of this and as an avid follower of her sustainable eco-friendly collection, I had an interview with her to find out what the future hold for such bright talent...

First of all, I just wanted to say how innovative your collection is- it makes a statement without having consequences on the environment: fantastic! How did you come up with the concept?
I've always held a strong passion for resourceful fashion design, so when creating my graduate collection it always going to be based around a certain sustainable philosophy; the concept for my graduate collection came to me in a dream; I woke up and thought that could be turned into something interesting and went from there.

Who do you design your clothes for? And who would you most like to see wearing your collection?
My graduate collection was designed on a conceptual basis, with the aim of letting the wearer to stop and think of how they understand their perception of fashion, I would need the wearer to be open minded towards conscious clothing, craft and experimentation through shape and form, but more than anything a person who has confidence in their own style and can interpret my designs in their own way.

Do you ever wear your own clothes- be it clothes you've designed or a trend your mirroring, set to your own specifications?
I just believe in good craftsman ship and quality, simple but stunning. I always try to support the independent clothing retailers, second hand or vintage clothing shops. Be aware of who you are buying from and what you are buying.

What are your hopes for your current collection? Are you hoping to expand your vision or do you think you'd like to stay with the current concept of an environmentally forward collection?
I have just gained a place at LCF to study MA Fashion and the Environment, so this current graduate collection will be expanded and researched further to inspire future designs, keeping true to sustainable philosophies. I want to involve the consumer as much as possible; one way of you being involved in upcoming collections is to donate your unwanted tights to me through my  'Don't Be Tight' campaign by doing this you will be making a conscious effort to recycle your unwanted tights instead of throwing them away but also helping sustain my design process. All garments from graduate collection were crafted from unwanted donated tights.

Who are your favourite designers and who do you take inspiration from the most?
I admire a lot of designers whether it is for the garments they design or the morals they keep, but I have always being inspired by Japanese and Belgium designers who take the thought of concept to garment to another level. Visit my tumblr for daily updates of what inspires me; designers, nature, colour and texture. 

You did your BA at Leeds but you've recently got a place at LCF, congrats! What was the application process like? 
Yeah I'm so happy about getting a place at LCF with recently graduating from Leeds College of Art I felt I was prepared for the application as I knew where I wanted my study to go next, their was a lot of writing involved through essays and project proposals but it was worth it, I'm very excited to start in September. I'm currently in the process of making a range of products from unwanted materials locally sourced in Sheffield, by buying a product all money will be contributed towards the funding of my study in London, visit Etsy all purchases are greatly appreciated, more to be added soon!

During your BA you interned in fashion houses - what was it like working in/ for a fashion house?
Throughout my BA study I tended to work with smaller independent designers, with a knitwear designer in London and Sustainable designer in Leeds, I preferred working with smaller companies as you get the chance to meet everybody involved and can fully be a part of all processes; research, design, fabric sourcing, production and communicating.

What would your advice be to an aspiring fashion designer like yourself?
Just to be true to yourself, believe in what you are designing, be inspired everyday oh and keep a sketchbook with you for scribbles and ideas, big or small.

You can find Hannah on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and her own website

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