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What's Alexandra her hair?

Friday, 10 May 2013

I got's my hair did! Hello old brown roots, nice to see you again! I decided to go a little more subtle in preparation for my year abroad starting in September. So, with continuity in mind, I got rid of my all over signature purple with fiery orange dip-dye (goodbye for now, old friend!) and went back to my roots with a main brown body with purple to bright pink gradiated dip-dye. The picture doesn't do it justice, but it really pops!!

I, of course, got this done at my favourite salon in Sheffield, Hair by Christmas and the fabulous Nikki was there to make sure my hair didn't get damaged (she didn't use bleach, but a great purple high-lift colour on my hair mixed with raspberry shade of directions). I can't recommend them highly enough! You can find them in the Broomhill area of Sheffield :)

I found this picture a while back and I now realise how influential it was on me! Gorgeous gradiated pink dip dye...

And here is the finished product on me! Can't wait to get some snaps of this with some awesome outfits, of course

Keep an eye, readers! 

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