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Punk'd Out

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Last week I visited the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and was so swept away with Scotland's charm that I purchased a kilt (not to mention that tartan is soooo AW13 darhhling). It was an absolute steal from Armstrongs Vintage (a fiver! I mean, come on!!) and for a pure wool skirt with pleating and slick buckles, it's a really high quality piece. In my humble opinion, a kilt is the perfect staple for the next season- especially a woolen one: it keeps you warm, they're bang on trend and really suit a midi length for winter months. Anyone whose anyone in the fashion world was showing tartan back in February (Chanel, Moschino, Westwood- of course!, Celine, Lanvin... I could go on!). The great thing about tartan is that they all come in different palates so if you're not a fan of the traditional red, green and blue plaid style, then try looking for different colours and styles.

Check out Armstrongs' shop online (they're also on eBay) and say hi on Twitter...

So here's how to punk up your kilt! A bit of trashy fishnet, plenty of heavy silver crosses, buckles, mixed prints and stacked rings should always feature in a punk look. The main thing is to play around and have a go- you never know what you can come up with!


Sunglasses- Primark | Top- SwapShop at #VintSetFest | Necklace- Topshop | Kilt- Armstrongs Vintage | Shoes- New Look | Fishnet Socks- eBay

Make-up is, of course, the necessary finish to a punk look. Dark lipstick is definitely the deal of the day here and a slick of liquid eyeliner would add a chic finish to this look. If you want to focus on the lips, keep eyes minimal with lined lids and a good dash of mascara. I love a dramatic brow, so I kept it dark and sculpted! If you really want to punk yourself out, keep foundation clear and as pale as possible (no bronzer/ blusher either!). 

I'm off to Russia for part one of my year abroad tomorrow morning, so if you're interested in keeping up with my travels then take a look at my new blog: Where's Alexandra Waring?

Let me know if you dabble in the punk look over on twitter and bloglovin'!
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How to: Dress Like a Man | Part II

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

How to Dress like a Man is a new series of posts on What's Alexandra Waring in an attempt to understand male fashion better and to define the basics of good dressing for men. This week, gentlemen, we shall be conversing over the topic of jeans, trousers and shorts! If you didn't catch the first half of this new series, you can catch up here... 

First up, it's shorts!

The first, cardinal rule of shorts is length and fit. You can easily go very very wrong here by either wearing shorts that are too long (you're blind) or too short (let's hope everyone else is blind...). If in doubt, follow the basic measure that they must sit on your waist (don't even get me started on seeing anything below your pants band line) and above your knee. Also make sure that when you sit down, the material doesnt bunch anywhere awkward or raise too far up your leg. You don't want to scare off any potential prey by thrusting your best Calvin Kleins in their face. 
The last thing to remember about shorts is that, unless you're going on safari or to the beach, don't wear cargo or board shorts. EVER. Take inspiration from these incredibly well dressed men- shorts don't have to be boring!

It's all about good genes jeans

A good pair of jeans are essential in ANY wardrobe- male or female. But perhaps more important in a male wardrobe as they'll provide you with a staple go-to outfit! Again, fit is imperative here. The best thing you can do is invest in a good quality brand of jean e.g. Diesel, Levi, Wrangler, Calvin Klein, Pepe, Lee...the list goes on! But by doing this it will ensure a good fit, set to your exact measurements with no need to cinch a tiny belt on a pair of oversized Primarni beauts. They'll also wear better, wont get holes in as easily or fray at the seams- do it now!!

A hot tip for you is to know your basic measurements before you go (waist, inside leg etc.)- that way when you find a pair you like, you can immediately try them on. The good thing about Levi's and Diesel is that if you go in store and find a style of jean you like, then they will fit them on you there and then free of charge. What could be better?

A final tip would be to get a couple of pairs for different occasions- a relaxed-fit medium stain colour jean will work well for dressed down occasions and a slim dark pair will look good at slightly smarter occasions. Remember- jeans are not suitable attire for EVERYTHING!

Finally, Trousers
We've pretty much covered everything fit-wise with your bottom half, but there are still some things to watch out for in this category. Mainly corduroy. 

Avoid corduroy at all costs. 

Secondly, when it comes to coloured trousers and jeans, try to match other accessories to your bottom half. For example, a nice way to do this is by matching your pocket hankerchief in a suit jacket, to your trousers. If everything else is kept simple, this will do very nicely! Aim to tuck shirts in, where appropriate and make sure trousers fit on or above your underwear (but not too high, we don't want you looking like an OAP). 
Chinos are tolerable in this case, but make sure they are of good quality. Again, a pair of Primark specials are certainly not going to help your cause!
Next time we shall be discussing shirts, tops and T shirts! Stay tuned!

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New Fashion Talent: Charlie Pallett Photography

Monday, 26 August 2013

It's very rare for me to find real fashion talent so close to my home town, so when I saw an advert on Twitter for MUA's for a photo shoot in my hometown by a Photography student, I knew I'd hit gold. Enter Charlie Pallett- an inspirational young woman with her foot firmly in the door when it comes to her future in Photography. I interviewed her to find out her inspiration, her motivation and how she's got to where she is today...

Models: Jessica Hatton & Nayaab Tania | Hair & Makeup: Sonia Zarine

So let's get the cliches out of the way first! How and why did you first get involved in Photography?

- I first got into photography when I went on the holiday of a dream to the Maldives when I was 14 in 2009. One of the ladies that came with us on the dream week away had a DSLR. She asked me to take a few pictures of her and her family and the love began instantly. I then returned from the holiday determined to get into photography, and I was lucky enough to be bought my first DSLR. 

I see you're now studying in Leicester- what's the course like and would you recommend it to budding photographers?

- I've just finished my 2 years of A-Levels at QE College in Leicester studying Photography, Graphic Design and Business. 
All my courses were amazing to study, and challenging as well. 
Most photographers probably wouldn't do A-Levels to study photography but it was the path I took so I could study Graphic Design and Business as well, and if that's the path other budding photographers want to take, doing one subject alongside another it's a good way to do it. 

Model: Jessica Hatton | Hair and Makeup: Sonia Zarine

Your work mainly comprises of fashion shots but what's your favourite thing to shoot and why?

- My favourite thing to shoot is fashion editorials. I love to incorporate interesting looks of quirky models as well as interesting styling, and picturesque locations. 
I have some upcoming shoots that showcase all of those favourites aspects of what I love to photograph, from woodland shoots, swimming pool swimwear shoots and London park editorials. 

Model: Nancy Dawkins | MUA: Paige Fisher | Designer: Chloe Willoughby

How do you come up with ideas for shoots? Who do you take inspiration from and who's your favourite photographer?

- I use my own ideas for most of my shoots coming from random inspirations from simply something I see in the street to inspiration from a piece of clothing I base a complete shoot around. Other sources of inspiration of from my collection of Vogue, Elle and many other fashion magazines. Obviously I'm completely inspired by other photographers work also from makeup designs to hair styles. 
As for my favourite photographers they're probably your normal expected ones from David Bailey, Rankin and Steven Meisel. But my all time favourite would have to be Marcel Van Der Vlugt for his unique, experimental and fascinating ideas. However when it comes to my love of graphic design and that influence on my photography I adore Dan Mountford's pieces, and Nacho Ormaechea's montages. 

Model: Daniella Myrick | MUA: Lucy Rose Hanagan

What's been your the best shoot to work on so far? 

- My best shoot to work on so fair was assisting Joe Prileszky on his photo shoot with Xfactor's Janet Devlin. 
My favourite of my own shoots to work on was probably my most recent photo shoot with upcoming model Daniella Myrick and amazing MUA Lucy Hanagan on my boho-themed beauty shoot that I shot in the gorgeous Rutland countryside one of our lucky summers days.   

(b&w) )Model & Makeup: Robyn Fitzsimons      (colour) Model: Phoebe O'Brien | MUA: Lucy Hanagan | Designer: Charlotte Booty | Jewellery: Jade Mellor
Once you've finished studying, what does the future hold for CPPhotography and what would be your dream job?

- The future of CPPhotographs? I like the sounds of that! I am not going to University to study, I'm going to take the non-conventional route and avoid University and take the world on by myself building my own knowledge from personal experiences, work opportunities, and online courses. As well as the opening of my own studio/gallery in the upcoming months. 
As for my dream job, I'd adore just one big break with one big brand/name/agency. It'd be fashion based and influenced by my ideas in a picturesque location, but my dream job will happen on day when it's ready! 

Model: Daniella Myrick | MUA: Lucy Rose Hanagan

Finally, do you have any advice for budding photographers and graphic designers?

- As advice goes, I don't really feel successful enough to give advice just yet, (haha) but for people questioning whether to attempt to get into the industry or not, I'd day 'Do it'. You only get one shot at things and I'm a big believer of standing by doing what you love. I've only ever wanted a job I want to wake up for. By biggest advice is take advantage of social media, it's the your broadcast and advertising point, it's the best place to get your name out there and to showcase your work and get in contact with collaborators and mostly IT'S FREE!  

Model: Florrie Parsons | MUA: Lucy Hanagan | Designer: Charlotte Booty | Jewellery: Jade Mellor

You can stay up to date with Charlie's work on Twitter | Facebook | InstagramHer Website 
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Psychedelic Lady

Friday, 23 August 2013

Dress - H&M £5 | Bag- New Look £8 | Scarf- H&M £3 
Shoes- New Look- £5 | Necklace- Topshop £18 | Hat- Vintage £5

This dress is one of my new purchases from burrowing around in the H&M sale rail. Most places only have a rail or two left right now, but don't be put off! There are still some gems out there, I guarantee you. Also, you can pick up an absolute BARGAIN that might not fit the bill entirely but turn it around yourself. For example, this is actually a katfan dress that you would normally drape over a bikini on the beach, but with a small body slip dress underneath, you can preserve your modesty and look fab (not to mention, stay cool)!

Teamed with some relaxed sunnies and a few stacked rings, you can wear this on the beach, in town, at a party... anything! Dress it up or down as you please :)

What are you doing to savour the last few days of summer? Catch up with me on twitter and bloglovin'! 

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Weekly Wishlist

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Weekly Wishlist

This week I'm having a love affair with ASOS and River Island, but loving the vibrant mix of prints that are still being shown. I saw an article the other day predicting a 'back to basics' turn around for fashion next season wherein tailoring and simplistic shapes would be the name of the game... and almost weeped. I'm LOVING the key trends at the minute and, in my humble opinion, the more prints the better! So here I've dived into the world of prints, textures and colours whilst I can!

First up, this incredible wet-look shirt from ASOS is my idea of perfection at the minute. If you hadn't guessed already, I'm obsessed with PVC and high shine pieces at the minute- take my advice and invest in one now! Paired with either this gorgeous matt leather-look burgundy skirt or mixed print trousers (both from River Island), you've got yourself a look to be proud of this season.

Another key trend at the moment is punk and although I feel very much like I've 'been there, done that', the trend offers a lot of different options to mix it up. This swing dress from ASOS in red rose prints, with a velveteen texture makes my heart sing and my inner rebel rock. I'd layer up some silver necklaces over the top and pair with some chunky chelsea boots and thick socks for a comfy, cool look.

Whilst we're clinging onto the final days of summer with our bare teeth, these Deena & Ozzy sandals (available from Urban Outfitters) are only £25 down from £75 and incredibly cute! A raised platform gives height without the pain of heels and as they're made from leather and rubber, will make sure your foot stays put- minimizing on rubbing. 

Finally, a couple of months ago I attended an event for bloggers in Birmingham as arranged by Fabb events, where I met the minds behind new brand 'Tinned Bananas'. They have some fab prints in wild fabrics that tick every box for a party-loving kinda gal. This snake polo neck top caught my eye the other day- a key piece for next season as it will keep you warm and bang on trend.

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