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How to: Dress Like a Man | Part II

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

How to Dress like a Man is a new series of posts on What's Alexandra Waring in an attempt to understand male fashion better and to define the basics of good dressing for men. This week, gentlemen, we shall be conversing over the topic of jeans, trousers and shorts! If you didn't catch the first half of this new series, you can catch up here... 

First up, it's shorts!

The first, cardinal rule of shorts is length and fit. You can easily go very very wrong here by either wearing shorts that are too long (you're blind) or too short (let's hope everyone else is blind...). If in doubt, follow the basic measure that they must sit on your waist (don't even get me started on seeing anything below your pants band line) and above your knee. Also make sure that when you sit down, the material doesnt bunch anywhere awkward or raise too far up your leg. You don't want to scare off any potential prey by thrusting your best Calvin Kleins in their face. 
The last thing to remember about shorts is that, unless you're going on safari or to the beach, don't wear cargo or board shorts. EVER. Take inspiration from these incredibly well dressed men- shorts don't have to be boring!

It's all about good genes jeans

A good pair of jeans are essential in ANY wardrobe- male or female. But perhaps more important in a male wardrobe as they'll provide you with a staple go-to outfit! Again, fit is imperative here. The best thing you can do is invest in a good quality brand of jean e.g. Diesel, Levi, Wrangler, Calvin Klein, Pepe, Lee...the list goes on! But by doing this it will ensure a good fit, set to your exact measurements with no need to cinch a tiny belt on a pair of oversized Primarni beauts. They'll also wear better, wont get holes in as easily or fray at the seams- do it now!!

A hot tip for you is to know your basic measurements before you go (waist, inside leg etc.)- that way when you find a pair you like, you can immediately try them on. The good thing about Levi's and Diesel is that if you go in store and find a style of jean you like, then they will fit them on you there and then free of charge. What could be better?

A final tip would be to get a couple of pairs for different occasions- a relaxed-fit medium stain colour jean will work well for dressed down occasions and a slim dark pair will look good at slightly smarter occasions. Remember- jeans are not suitable attire for EVERYTHING!

Finally, Trousers
We've pretty much covered everything fit-wise with your bottom half, but there are still some things to watch out for in this category. Mainly corduroy. 

Avoid corduroy at all costs. 

Secondly, when it comes to coloured trousers and jeans, try to match other accessories to your bottom half. For example, a nice way to do this is by matching your pocket hankerchief in a suit jacket, to your trousers. If everything else is kept simple, this will do very nicely! Aim to tuck shirts in, where appropriate and make sure trousers fit on or above your underwear (but not too high, we don't want you looking like an OAP). 
Chinos are tolerable in this case, but make sure they are of good quality. Again, a pair of Primark specials are certainly not going to help your cause!
Next time we shall be discussing shirts, tops and T shirts! Stay tuned!

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  1. Ahh I love this Ally, such a good idea! Id love to see more male bloggers. I've tried to get the boyfriend involved with doing a little of something because I think he dresses quite well and hes petite too, and i dont think theyre addressed on the high street which can make clothes shopping awkward!

    Tal xx

    1. Thank you lovely! I agree, there needs to be more inspo and guidance for guys on the high street! It would be so much easier and we'd have an abundance of well dressed men ;) xx