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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Last week I visited the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and was so swept away with Scotland's charm that I purchased a kilt (not to mention that tartan is soooo AW13 darhhling). It was an absolute steal from Armstrongs Vintage (a fiver! I mean, come on!!) and for a pure wool skirt with pleating and slick buckles, it's a really high quality piece. In my humble opinion, a kilt is the perfect staple for the next season- especially a woolen one: it keeps you warm, they're bang on trend and really suit a midi length for winter months. Anyone whose anyone in the fashion world was showing tartan back in February (Chanel, Moschino, Westwood- of course!, Celine, Lanvin... I could go on!). The great thing about tartan is that they all come in different palates so if you're not a fan of the traditional red, green and blue plaid style, then try looking for different colours and styles.

Check out Armstrongs' shop online (they're also on eBay) and say hi on Twitter...

So here's how to punk up your kilt! A bit of trashy fishnet, plenty of heavy silver crosses, buckles, mixed prints and stacked rings should always feature in a punk look. The main thing is to play around and have a go- you never know what you can come up with!


Sunglasses- Primark | Top- SwapShop at #VintSetFest | Necklace- Topshop | Kilt- Armstrongs Vintage | Shoes- New Look | Fishnet Socks- eBay

Make-up is, of course, the necessary finish to a punk look. Dark lipstick is definitely the deal of the day here and a slick of liquid eyeliner would add a chic finish to this look. If you want to focus on the lips, keep eyes minimal with lined lids and a good dash of mascara. I love a dramatic brow, so I kept it dark and sculpted! If you really want to punk yourself out, keep foundation clear and as pale as possible (no bronzer/ blusher either!). 

I'm off to Russia for part one of my year abroad tomorrow morning, so if you're interested in keeping up with my travels then take a look at my new blog: Where's Alexandra Waring?

Let me know if you dabble in the punk look over on twitter and bloglovin'!
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