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Vintage Shopping in St Petersburg

Saturday, 14 September 2013

I'm on my year abroad right now in St Petersburg, Russia and this week I took a Vintage Tour around a few shops with a lovely local called Anastasia (such a lovely name too!). She is a massive vintage lover in her spare time as well as a psychologist, switch board operator and works in a call center- talk about a busy gal!  

The first of the places that she showed us was called Off boutique and was housed in a reworked factory that has now been converted into boutiques, offices and studios called TKACHI. The shop was a dream and the smell transported me back to my days spent trawling through vintage finds in the UK... I started to feel a little homesick as 'Hermitage Radio' was playing some classic 1940's tunes too.

These places are always so kooky but especially this one since it's such a rare find in Russia. Anastasia pointed out to me some of the old soviet-style clothes from way-back-when: all in monotone browns, greys and blacks with cute little pinafore collars for the girls and straight laced suits for the boys. How very proper!

The second of the places she took us was called 'Aloe' and was a fantastic little find on Moskovskaya. A truly 80's inspired placed, we found two slightly-hippy Russians chilling on an old sofa drinking herbal tea who run the shop. It's basically a jumble of clothes, china, clocks, frames, magazines, posters... anything you want- they can find for you!

We were very kindly offered a herbal tea and some form of coconut ferrera rocher (strangely nice!) whilst browsing the shop. It was truly inspirational and felt very much like you were just chilling in your own living room at home (if you lived in West Berlin circa 1985...)

I also found a Russian version of a 'Magic 8' ball that supposedly tells you your future- both me and my friend Morgan were mesmerised! (neither of us could figure out what it said though...)

The two Russians who run the shop also take fantastic photographs on totally hipstomatic cameras. Their work was displayed around the shop and once Morgan had made a purchase, we were encouraged to take postcards of their work with us too- all very cool stuff!

So far, I have been impressed with the range of vintage on offer in Russia. Without Anastasia, we would never have found these little gems so massive thanks to her and to all the shops we visited for making us feel so at home!

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