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Why Y'all Should Leave Miley Cyrus alone...

Friday, 4 October 2013

I wouldn't usually write about something like this on my blog (as it is mainly fashion based) but when I'm feeling like this, there really is no other place to air my thoughts.
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I've been plaugued, smothered and quite frankly, bored to death by the diatribe of negative media surrounding Miley Cyrus' new image recently. I can barely recall the amount of times that I have rolled my eyes at the pure crap being spun by multiple people, just getting more and more towards pathetic. This post has mainly been sparked by the uppity, nonsensical letter written by Sinead O' Connor for The Guardian (which you can tear your eyeballs out over here). In it, she basically slams Miley for 'prostituting' herself for the music industry and tries to pass it off as a movement of solidarity and sincere concern for the 20 year old singer/songwriter. Furthermore, she tries to give advice to Cyrus about longevity in the industry and that evidently, because of O' Connor's career, Miley shouldn't 'base her image around her sexuality'.

Excuse me whilst I go and cry with laughter at this condescending, hypocritical piece of bull. First of all, O' Connor's overall approach to this letter is hopelessly transparent. She's trying to put Miley in her place, firstly for comparing her new single 'Wrecking Ball' to O' Connor's Nothing Compares 2 U. I can't claim to see the similarities between the two myself, however I can't see how Cyrus was in any way trying to disrespect O' Connor by saying this- if anyone as successful as Miley compared my work to hers, I would be grateful (especially if I was a '47 year old... on the proverbial rag heap' as O' Connor sites that she most certainly is not... I beg to differ). And if I was O' Connor, then I definitely wouldn't hide behind the pretense that I was trying to 'express care' when writing such condescending bullshit. If you want to say something, Sinead, then bloody well say it.

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Secondly, as I've just said, I can't remember the last time O' Connor was in the top ten, let alone the top 100. And yet the singer insists that she isn't on said 'rag heap' that Cyrus will definitely end up on if she continues to 'exploit her body or sexuality'. O' Connor may have been popular at one time (say 20+ years ago) but in that time, she's had extremely bad press herself thanks to her mental health issues and controversial stands on religion, war and child abuse. I'm sure that if Cyrus had produced a foam cross at the VMA's and provocatively danced around with, then O' Connor would have been all over it. Sadly, that's not the case, as she too joins the crowds of people blaming Cyrus for the downturn of upcoming generations and over-sexualising our social environment.

There's a great old adage that I'm reminded of here: 

'When you point the finger, remember, that there are always three other fingers pointing back at you'. 

And this is exactly what O' Connor and the rest of the world is doing to Miley Cyrus. In fact, I'd put money on O' Connor having insecurities about her own image and by slamming someone for 'prostituting' herself, I reckon she's feeling guilty about something herself. We've all done things that we're not proud of, but by demonizing someone for doing something that you'd ultimately love to do yourself (someone give Sinead  a latex bikini and a foam finger), is incredibly hypocritical. 
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It's so easy to take a celebrity and trawl them to pieces for being 'overly sexualised', 'inappropriate' and 'rude' when if they were just normal 20 year olds, then no one would have a problem with their behaviour. Instead they'd probably laugh and reminisce about their own adolescence (including all the mistakes that they made back then too). Being 20 myself, I wouldn't say no to getting down with Robin Thicke or having Terry Richardson shoot my music video. And if I had Miley's body then wouldn't be able to make me keep my clothes on.
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And to all the parents out there fretting over your children seeing Miley scantily clad on MTV or naked posing for GQ, then ask yourself- how long do you seriously expect your children to not see this sort of thing in the world we live in today? If your child has an Xbox, PC or similar and has been playing GTA5 this week, then they'll have already been witness to nudity and more (not to mention drug abuse, alcohol and rape). If they watch MTV then they'll have seen Jason Derulo being twerked over by several barely-dressed women. If they have smart-phones then they can easily access porn networks, chat rooms and all other sorts of online sites. By demonizing a celebrity like Cyrus, you're not protecting your children- you're highlighting they very thing that you don't want them to see by making even more of a fuss about it. When I was 11 and my parent's didn't like something, I'd probably go out of my way to explore it. So do yourselves a favour and stop spitting venom over these people.
And the fact that people are even trying to pigeon-hole Cyrus into her role as Hannah Montanna is astounding. 'No Miley, we were really quite comfortable with you on the Disney Channel. Why don't you stay there forever? Or just let your career die out with age?' Please. Pull the other one. How they can compare her to the 14 year old that she was when she started out at Disney is ridiculous. How many 20 year olds do you see acting like their 14 year old counterparts? There's this thing that happens during our teenage years called puberty and it changes quite a few things about you... I'm amazed that these people are still mirror images of their younger selves- good for you, guys! You don't see them whining when Justin Timberlake has a practically naked girl on his lap, do you? Some would call that blatant sexism. 
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On a lighter note (and perhaps more controversially), I think we should take a look at what Miley has achieved since her controversial new album broke international records. At currently 187 million views on YouTube, Cyrus broke Vevo's record with her latest single Wrecking Ball, shot by Terry Richardson and is set to smash record sales when her new album gets released later this week. Perhaps quite noteably, this is her fourth studio album and only after her controversial press has she managed to really break the music scene and become a top 10 artist. I'm not saying that if you want to get this far with music then you have to strip off, but I don't think Miley has done what she's done to make it into the big time. If anything, people are forgetting that music is about expression and is an art form. Alongside that in the modern world, an artist needs a stand-out image. Remember when Lady Gaga first broke onto the scene? People were shocked that she appeared naked in magazines and was controversial enough to wear a raw meat dress... 23 million albums and 13 MTV music awards later and she's the Queen of pop music. 

If you have the proverbial balls to get up on a stage and twerk in front of millions of people, not to mention celebrities, family and friends, in a latex bikini and touch yourself with a foam finger then kudos to you. I applaud Miley Cyrus for putting herself out there, doing something she knows people won't necessarily like, but do you see her crying about it when people bitch about it?... I don't think so.
So you keep doing what you do best Miley- live your life like you mean it. And those people who write patronizing open letters for online newspapers? Fuck 'em. 
People who try to bring you down are already beneath you.

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