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Monochrome Florals

Friday, 24 January 2014

I've been on a little weight loss journey as of late and I'm proud to say that I've managed to lose just over 1/2 stone in January so far! But more importantly, my body feels cleaner, stronger and fresher from all the good products I'm packing out my diet with. If you're feeling the January blues, give a health kick a go and see what it can do for you too :)

In a bid to practice what I preached in my last post, this week I've devised a transitional look from AW13 to SS14 for you, my lovelies! By combining a cross hatching monochrome print jumper with floral motif and floral trousers, I'm truly playing on this look from my last post...

It also combines and clashes prints, another nod to the SS14 catwalk trends! By adding a splash of neon in my necklace, it gives it a cool summer vibe.

Jacket- Snow Design & Interiors (Check out my post on them here)
Jumper- Primark (AW13)
Trousers- H&M (old)
Boots- Cow Vintage
Bag- New Look (SS13)
Necklace- eBay
Rings- Primark 

Let me know your favourite transitional looks on twitter and facebook.
I'm currently on my year abroad and part 2 takes place in Colombia starting in March. To follow my adventures, check out my year abroad blog here.
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SS14 Trend Predictions

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Spring Summer 2014
Spring Summer 2014 
It's a new year and a new Spring/ Summer season is soon to be upon us! Therefore, I've compiled what I think are the top 5 trends for the coming summer months and predicted the key pieces you'll be wearing (and how best to grab what's left of the sales!). If you like the look of any of the items, click on the trend's title where you'll be re-directed to my Polyvore page with full details (and links!) to each item. 
Let me know what your favourite looks are on twitter.

Gingham Love AffairGingham love affair
This is always a popular look during summer and is somehow reminiscent of British costal summers vs. a certain french chic. Pastels are also always big on any SS mood board, but this season, they're tipped as a top trend (specifically when it comes to sports luxe, but I'd rather eat my own liver than feature something like that on my blog!). This look is definitely a grown up but relaxed look perfect for a day out/ work/ lunch with the girls... pretty much anything!

Key pieces for this look include:

- Light denim; in fact, denim in any form is good for this season. Another top trend to look out for!
- Pastel coloured nail varnish- the perfect accompaniment to this look...
- Breton prints (for a certain je ne sais quoi)
- Gingham prints; very popular this season!
- High waists create an instant 60's vibe. Think of a French twiggy and you're halfway there! Make the most of the wide range of skirts this season and pick out a fab pair of high waisted jeans.

PVC | High ShinePVC | High Shine

I'm so happy about the longevity of this trend. It featured heavily during AW13 and long may it continue into SS14! Shown in splashes on the catwalk last September, PVC, metallics and high shine pieces are all the perfect finish to an SS14 look. Try using a piece like this as a statement and combine it with a vibrant print (see Checks and Florals below).

Key pieces for this look include:

- PVC in any form; handbags, skirts, panels, shoes, even nail varnish!
- High shine pieces with a sheen to them to catch the eye...
- Metalics in bold block colours (try a dress or skirt for maximum effect!)


Whenever I think of this trend I instantly think of this GIF and it always makes me giggle. But no matter how 'simple' this look is for spring, it will NEVER get old for designers. Hence, it's always best to have a few key pieces in this print ready for your SS wardrobe. Here are my picks from the high street to keep you bang on trend!

Key pieces for this look include:

- A good floral skirt; it's the age of the skirt/ skort/ midi/ mini/ maxi right now and what better way to incorporate it into your 'drobe than in a floral print?
- A floral headband (perfect for hiding festival hair!)
- A cute pair of floral wedges are always great for poshing-up an outfit
- Floral shirt or cami for instant vintage-vibe!


Check, tartan, gingham, houndstooth, square print- whatever you want to name this trend, go for it. It's a BIG winner in the SS14 style stakes. Anything in a blocky monochrome-type print will be perfect this season so block it in coordinates or clash it with another print. Anything goes! This is really one of my favourite looks for this season.

Key pieces for this look include:

- Shift dresses are BANG on trend this year (see the oversized feature below) so get one of these in a check print and you'll look fab this summer!
- Get some trousers like those above to clash prints easily. Try a cigarette-pant, oversized joggers or wide-legged for a cool spring look...

XXL Oversized
Another real favourite of mine for SS14, the oversized style statement is spot on for me this summer. Whilst I'll be in one of the hottest countries in the world (jetting off to Colombia soon for part 2 of my year abroad!) I'll be needing some loose fitting clothing. And low and behold- the style gods are on my side! Pair any of these pieces together with some tights/ leggings/ slim fit jeans and you're good to go. Enjoy feeling cool this summer (in both senses of the word!).

Key pieces for this look include:
- Shift dresses; take it from me and get one in your wardrobe NOW!!
- Clutches are big this season, so get a huge one and you'll never lose it in a club!
- A large coat will keep you warm in between our pesky British seasons, so invest in a good one in a cool block colour or funky print..
- A button-down shirt dress is another look I'm loving in correlation with this trend. Wear over whole outfits and unbutton for a long kimono or wear over jeans for a laid-back look.
- Joggers are due to be very popular too although make sure they fit you how they're supposed to (very baggy round the thighs and a little loose at the bottom).

And there you have it! My top 5 trends for SS14. Let me know if you try any out on twitter or facebook as I'll be posting my own looks up for you very soon!

I'm currently on my year abroad and part 2 takes place in Colombia starting in March. To follow my adventures, check out my year abroad blog here.
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New Year, New Me

Friday, 10 January 2014

Hat- The Vintage Fair | Dress- eBay | Fur Gilet- Primark | Top (sleeves visible)- Zara | Belt- A New Shop | Shoes- A New Shop | Bag- eBay

"A new year, a new me," as they say and 2014 has already made me confront the fact that I have managed to put on roughly a stone in Russia. So instead of panicking and majorly crash dieting, I've combined the art of 'dressing cleverly' with a healthier and happier diet. Generally speaking, I'm eating lots and lots more fruit & veg than I was used to in Russia (if I could get my hands on ONE portion of fruit/veg then I was considered lucky), keeping things low-carb and cutting out all caffeine and alcohol. Combined with lots of green tea, pro-biotic yogurts, oily fish and leafy greens it's keeping my tummy happy! 

Here I've documented an example of how to hide those lumps and bumps that we are all guilty of post-Christmas. The idea is to layer up your clothing so that you're drawing the eye away from those tricky areas that are likely to have suffered!

I've combined a high neck bodycon midi (tummy semi-disguised by my fur gilet) and all pulled in at the waist with a chunky belt. By keeping things 'chunky' and chic, you'll create the illusion of a cosy, mid-winter look rather than a 'I'm trying to hide the fact that I have a tummy' look. 

I also love to accessorise, and so if you can find an eye-catching accessory that you can wear away from your 'problem' areas, then this is all in your favour. I love this necklace that my friends bought for my 20th birthday- its a large chunky silver celtic-type necklace and always looks good on a high-neck piece.

Happy New Year to you all!

If you're interested in my travels abroad, then please take a look at my year abroad blog- Where's Alexandra Waring?
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