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New Year, New Me

Friday, 10 January 2014

Hat- The Vintage Fair | Dress- eBay | Fur Gilet- Primark | Top (sleeves visible)- Zara | Belt- A New Shop | Shoes- A New Shop | Bag- eBay

"A new year, a new me," as they say and 2014 has already made me confront the fact that I have managed to put on roughly a stone in Russia. So instead of panicking and majorly crash dieting, I've combined the art of 'dressing cleverly' with a healthier and happier diet. Generally speaking, I'm eating lots and lots more fruit & veg than I was used to in Russia (if I could get my hands on ONE portion of fruit/veg then I was considered lucky), keeping things low-carb and cutting out all caffeine and alcohol. Combined with lots of green tea, pro-biotic yogurts, oily fish and leafy greens it's keeping my tummy happy! 

Here I've documented an example of how to hide those lumps and bumps that we are all guilty of post-Christmas. The idea is to layer up your clothing so that you're drawing the eye away from those tricky areas that are likely to have suffered!

I've combined a high neck bodycon midi (tummy semi-disguised by my fur gilet) and all pulled in at the waist with a chunky belt. By keeping things 'chunky' and chic, you'll create the illusion of a cosy, mid-winter look rather than a 'I'm trying to hide the fact that I have a tummy' look. 

I also love to accessorise, and so if you can find an eye-catching accessory that you can wear away from your 'problem' areas, then this is all in your favour. I love this necklace that my friends bought for my 20th birthday- its a large chunky silver celtic-type necklace and always looks good on a high-neck piece.

Happy New Year to you all!

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  1. You look gorgeous as always, lovely! Also I love your ring xx (Phillie)