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Snow Designs Snowballs!

Sunday, 9 February 2014

This week I've been back in my all-time favourite shop, Snow Designs of Stamford, UK; an interior design shop that I featured on the blog a few months ago before I went to Russia. Catch up on the craze here.

I wanted to feature Snow again as they've recently just expanded their shop with another two floors of gorgeous interior gems. Thanks to the expansion, they now have even more room to showcase some wonderful new design talent from in and around the UK.

I've included some things I overheard from customers as they walked around the shop. Look out for the #OverheardAtSnow hashtag!

[#OverheardAtSnow: "Are you the designer?"
"No, I wish! Just a blogger. How do you like the re-design?
Oh, it's fantastic- they have such an eye here! I just want to rip out my whole house and start again."]

One of my favourite things about the shop is their incredible taxidermy; this is Twinkle, the polar bear. She's a 1930's vintage piece and the only one in the UK! What a statement to have on your wall!

[#OverheardAtSnow: "It's incredible and terrible at the same time. It's amazing! The sort of thing you'd buy to keep young children away from the house!"]

[#OverheardAtSnow: *giggles* "Look mum, it's a parrot!"
"And what a wonderful parrot it is..."]

I spied one of my old favourites now lining the stairways of the new extension- Jerry Wesley Photography. Wesley creates high contrast shots with an outdoor theme, playing on texture, shades and stark monochromes. He also offers one-to-one tuition for budding photographers! Check him out here.

I was even lucky enough to meet Caroline of Two Turtle Doves, a freehand embroidery designer. I'd noticed some beautifully intricate yet simple artwork around the shop (especially this cute deer one on the bottom left) and so Camilla, owner of Snow, took me upstairs to meet her! You can email her here or go in store to order commissions.

Camilla also showed me digital print artist, Adele Katie Irwin who designs her own prints for framing, scarves and cushions. These velvet ones were so individual, I had to take a snap!

These prints caught my eye, by Well Street Studios (the genius behind the totally glam Snow Designs logo!). Run by Sarah Hatherill, she offers a personalised frame service- simply buy the frame kit in store, send off your slip in the pre-paid envelope describing the special person and she will design and send you the printed version ready to place in the frame - Job done!

Finally, I couldn't help myself and so wondered downstairs to the lower level to see the new stock of clothes. This jacket grabbed my attention instantly and I loved the contrast of the neon jumper behind the check cut out. Prices are so so reasonable in there as well, so it's definitely worth checking out!

[#OverheardAtSnow: "I hope you're buying that jacket, young lady!"] (And I certainly did!)

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